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Vegetable Insects
Aphids (NHE-47), Mites (N. HE-58), ThripsMost garden cropsmalathion, insecticidal soapApply on foliage to control the insects. Aphids and leafhoppers transmit plant disease; early control is important. mites web on the underside of leaves, apply insecticide to udnerside of leaves early before extensive webbing occurs.
Blister beetles (NHE-72), Cutworms (NHE-77), Flea beetles (NHE-36), Grasshoppers (NHE-74), Leafhoppers (NHE-22), Pinic beetles (NHE-40)Most garden cropscarbaryl, rotenoneFor cutowrms, attach collars of paper, aluminum foil or metal at planting for small numbers of plants, or apply insecticide to base of platns at first sign of cutting. Control grasshoppers in garden borders when hoppers are small. For picnic beetles, pick and destroy overripe or damaged vegetables.
All cabbage worms (NHE-45)Cabbage and related crops, salad crops, and leafy vegetablesBacillus theringiensisPresence of white butterflies signals start of infestation. Control worms when small. It is almost impossible to raise cole crops in Illinois without controlling these pests.
Hornworms (NHE-130), FruitwormsTomatoescarbaryl, Bacillus thuringiensisHandpicking usually provides satisfactory contorl of hornworms.
Earworms (NHE-33)Tomatoes and sweet corncarbarylApply to late-maturing tomatoes 3 to 4 times at 5- t 10-day intervals from small-fruit stage. Apply at fresh-silk stage to early and late corn every 2 days 4 to 5 times.
Colorado potato beetlesEggplant, potatoes, tomatoescarbaryl, rotenone, Bacillus thuringiensis `san diego' Apply as needed. Insects usually present only in late May and June. Handpick larvae and adults off of plants.
Potato leafhoppers (NHE-22)Potatoes, beanscarbaryl, malathionApply 3 to 4 times at weekly intervals starting in late May or early June. Late potatoes and beans require additioinal treatments. Most serious pest of potatoes and beans in Illinois.
Bean leaf beetles (NHE-67)Beanscarbaryl, rotenoneLeaves are riddles in early plantings. Apply once or twice as needed.
Mexican bean beetlesBeanscarbaryl, rotenoneExcept for southern Illiinois, only a pest of late beans. Apply insecticide to underside of leaves.
Cucumber beetles (NHE-46)Vine cropscarbaryl, rotenoneApply as soon as beetles appear in spring. When blossoming begins, apply insecticide late in the day so as not to interfere with pollination by bees. Cover plants with polyester row covers until blooming starts to protect plants without insecticides in the spring.
Squash vine borers (NHE-8)SquashcarbarylMake weekly applications to crowns and runners when plants begin to vine. Apply late in day. Cover plants with polyester row covers until blooming starts to protect plants without insecticides in the spring.
Corn borersSweet corncarbarylApply 4 times every 3 days to whorl and ear zone of early corn when feeding appears on whorl leaves.
Soil insects (including grubs, wireworms, root maggots)All cropsdiazinonMix 6 fluid oz. of 25% diazinon emulsion in enough water to cover 1,000 sq. ft., usually 2 to 3 gallons. Rake into soil. Cover the soil with screening along rows of root maggot-susceptible plants in the spring.

Days Between Application and Harvest
Collards, kale and other leafy crops1471
Cabbage and related crops371
Sweet Corn051
Vine Crop**011

Amount of Insecticide for Volume of Spray for Vegetable Insects
 1 gal.6 gals.100 gals.Commercial Dust
carbaryl 50% W.P.2 tbl.3/4 cup2 lbs.5%
malathion 50-57% E.C.2 tsp.4 tbl.1 qt.4%
rotenone 1% W.P.6-8 tbl.2-1/4-3 cups6-8 lbs.1%
E.C. = emulsion concentrate; W.P. = wettable powder. An emulsion concentrate is a chemical pesticide dissolved in a solvent to which an emulsifier has been added. It can then be mixed with water to the desired strength be fore used.
* No time limitations. Sold as Dipel, Thuricide, SOK-BT, and others.
** Apply insecticides late in the day after blossoms have closed to aviod bee kill.

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