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Tree and Shrub Insects
Aphids (NHE-7)acephate, diazinon, malathion, insecticidal soapSpray foliage thoroughly with force when aphids become numerous. Repeat as needed. Check for presence of lady beetles and other predators before spraying.
Bagworms (NHE-6)acephate, carbaryl, malathion, Bacillus thuringiensis***Spray foliage thoroughly Apply June 15. Later sprays are less effective. For late spraying, use Bacillus thuringiensis. Handpicking of bags in winter and early spring will reduce later infestations.
Borers: Bronze birch (NHE- 143)dimethoateSpray trunk and limbs thoroughly in late May and early June. Repeat in 3 weeks or apply 6-inch band of concentrate to trunk. Keep trees watered if dry during the summer. Keep trees healthy and vigorous.
Borers: Flatheaded apple tree, OakchlorpyrifosSpray trunk and/or limbs in mid-May and repeat 4 weeks later. Keep the trees healthy and vigorous and avoid trunk wounds.
Borers: Ash (NHE-145), Lilac (NHE-145), Peach treechlorpyrifosSpray trunk and limbs in mid-June and repeat 4 weeks later. Keep the tree healthy and vigorous and avoid wounds or injury to the trunk. Prune out large lilac trunks.
Cankerworms (NHE-95)acephate, carbaryl, malathion, Bacillus thuringiensis***Spray foliage when feeding or worms are first noticed in spring.
Eastern tent caterpillarsSame as for cankerwormsSpray when nests are first noticed. Remove nests and destroy.
Elm leaf beetles (NHE-82)acephate, Bactllus thuringiensis 'san diego', carbarylSpray as soon as damage is noticed.
European pine shoot moths and Nantucket pine moths (NHE-83)dimethoateSpray ends of branches thoroughly in late June for European species and m mid-May for Nantucket species.
Fall webwormsacephate, carbaryl, malathion, Bacillus thuringiensis***Spray when first webs appear; clip off and destroy infested branches or burn out webs.
Galls (NHE-80, 81): Elm cockscomb, Hickory, Maple bladderdiazinon, malathionSpray foliage thoroughly when buds are unfolding. Sprays after galls form on leaves are ineffective. Galls rarely harm the tree.
Galls: Hackberry blisteracephate, diazinon, malathionSpray foliage thoroughly in late May. Kills psyllids in galls. Sprays after galls form on leaves are ineffective. Galls are not harmful to the tree.
Galls: Cooley spruce, Eastern sprucediazinon, malathionApply in late September or October or early spring just after bud break.
Green-striped maplewormsSame as for cankerwormsSpray as soon as damage is noticed.
Leaf miners: Boxwood, Hawthorn, Oakdiazinon, malathion, acephateSpray foliage thoroughly when miners first appear. Repeat treatment in 10 to 12 days. Use acephate only on oak. Leaf miners usually do not harm the tree.
Leaf miners: Birch, HollydimethoateRepeat treatment in 3 weeks.
Mealybugsacephate, malathion, insecticidal soapSpray foliage thoroughly and with force. Repeat in 2 weeks.
Mimosa webworms (NHE- 109)acephate, malathion, Bacillus thuringiensis***Spray foliage thoroughly when first nests appear dune, July). A repeat treatment or second -generation larval feeding may be needed August)
Oak kermesmalathionSpray foliage thoroughly about July I to kill the crawlers.
Periodical cicadas (NHE- 113)carbaryl Spray all branches thoroughly when adults appear. Repeat in 7 to 10 days. Protect very young trees (less than 2 inch dia.) with screening around the top and trunk.
SawfliescarbarylSpray as soon as worms or damage is evident. Handpicking is also effective.
Scales (NHE-100, 114, 146)diazinon, malathion, acephateSpray foliage thoroughly in early April for Fletcher and European elm scale in late May for pine needle and sweet gum scale; in early June for scurvy, oystershell, and euonymous scales; in early July for cottony maple, juniper, and dogwood scales; in mid-July for spruce bud scale; and again in August for oystershell scale.
Cottony maple (NHE-144), Putnam, San Jose, Tulip tree dormant oil diluted according to labelApply when plants are still dormant in late winter. Do not use on evergreens. For tulip tree scale, a malathion spray in late September or in early spring is also effective.
Sycamore lace bugs, Plant bugsacephate, carbaryl, malathionSpray when nymphs appear, usually in late May.
ThripsSame as for aphidsMainly on privet. Spray foliage thoroughly.
Yellow-necked caterpillarsacephate, carbaryl, malathion, Bacillus thuringiensisSpray foliage when worms are small (July).
Zimmerman pine moths (NHE-83)chlorpyriphos, dimethoateSpray trunk and branches in mid-April for young larvae and/or mid-April for young larvae and/or mid- August for adults and young larvae.
*Use only one insecticide from those listed
** Treatment dates listed are for central Illinois. In southern Illinois, apply 2 weeks earlier; in northern Illinois, 2 weeks later.
***Trade names: Dipel, Thuricide, SOK-BT, and others.

Amount of Insecticide for Volume of Spraying for Tree and Shrub Insects
 1 gal.6 gal.100 gal
acephate (Orthene) 15.6% E.C.4 tsp.1 cup2 qt.
carbaryl (Sevin) 50% w.p.**2 tbl.3/4 cup2 lb
chlorpyrifos (Dursban 2E)2 tsp.4 tbl.1 qt.
diazinon 25% E.C.****2 tsp.4 tbl.1 qt.
dimethoate (Cygon 2E)***2 tsp.4 tbl.1 qt.
malathion 50-57% E.C.*****2 tsp.4 tbl.1 qt.
E or E.C. = emulsion concentrate; W.P. = wettable powder.
*Do not use on flowering crab, sugar maple, redbud, American elm, Lombardy poplar, or cottonwood.
** Do not use on Boston ivy.
*** Do not use on chrysanthemums.
**** Do not use on ferns or hibiscus.
***** Do not use on canaert red cedar.

Lawn Insects
InsectsInsecticide*Dosage per 1,000 sq. ft.**Suggestions
White grubs (NHE-104, 147)diazinon 25% E.C.1 cupApply as spray or granules to small area and then water in thoroughEy before treating another small area. Grub damage will usually occur in late August and in September.
Ants (NHE-I I I), Cicada killer and other soil-nesting wasps (NHE-79, 150)diazinon 25% E.C., diazinon 5% G, chlorpyrifos 5 or 6%E.C.3/4 cup., 2 lbs., 1 cupApply as spray or granules and water in thoroughly. For individual nests pour lSc diazinon in nest and cover with soil.
Sod webworms (NHE-115)carbaryl 50% W.P., diazinon 25% E.C., diazinon 5% G., chlorpyrifos 5 or 6% E.C.1/2 lb., 3/4 cup, 2 lb., 8 fl oz. (1 cup)As sprays, use at least 2.5 gal. of water per 1,000 sq. ft. Do not water for 72 hours after treatment. As granules, apply from fertilizer spreader. Web- worms usually damage lawns in late July and in August.
Millipedes and sowbugs (NHE-93)carbaryl 50% W.P., diazinon 25% E.C., chlorpyrifos 5 or 6% E.C.1/2 lb., 3/4 cup, 1 cupSpray around home where millipedes or sowbugs are crawling. If numerous, treat entire lawn.
Armyworms, Cutwormscarbaryl 50% W.P., chlorpyrifos 5 or 6% E.C.2 oz., 1 cupApply as sprays or granules. Use 5 to 10 gal. of water per 1,000 sq. it.
Chinch bugschlorpyrifos 5 or 6% E.C., diazinon 25% E.C., diazinon 5% G.1 cup, 3/4 cup, 2 lbs.Spray infested areas where chinch bugs are present.
Aphids (NHE-148)acephate 15.6% E.C.4 1/2 fl.oz.Spray grass thoroughly.
Slugs (NHE-84)Mesurol 2% bait Apply where slugs are numerous. Scatter in grass. For use only in flower gardens and shrubbery beds.
Bluegrass billbugschlorpyrifos 5 or 6% E.C.1 to 2 cupsApply as a spray in spring to lawn damaged in previous year. Drench at high rate in July if damage is observed.
E.C. = emulsion concentrate; W.P. = wettable powder; G. = granules.
*Use only one insecticide from those listed
** To determine lawn size in square feet, multiply length times width of lawn and subtract non-lawn areas including house, driveway, garden, etc..Do not allow people pr pets on the lawn until the spray has dried.

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