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TV Hook-up with Cable

Basic Cable Hook-Up

Cable TV is delivered to a home or business by the Local Cable Provider. The signal is often delivered direct to a Wall Plate (A) or to a Cable Box (B). The Cable Box (B) is generally used when necessitated by the specific technology of your TV or VCR, or a specific requirement by the cable provider.

Required for these simple installations are 75 ohm coaxial Patch Cables (RG59/U or RG6/U).

We recommend RG6/U for optimal performance and to "future proof" your installation.

ACE No.RG59/U LengthColor
307133 ft.Black
333993 ft.White
331406 ft.Black
334006 ft.White
3077712 ft.Black
3111312 ft.White
3167616325 ft.Black
316765725 ft.White
316762450 ft.Black
316767350 ft.White
316763275 ft.Black
316768175 ft.White
3167640100 ft.Black
3167699100 ft.White

ACE No.RG6/U LengthColor
31026543 ft.Black
31641593 ft.White
31026626 ft.Black
31641676 ft.White
316420912 ft.Black
316418312 ft.White
316770725 ft.Black
316774925 ft.White
216771550 ft.Black
316775650 ft.White
316772375 ft.Black
216776475 ft.White
3167731100 ft.Black
3167772100 ft.White

Cable Hook-Up with Video Signal Splitter

By using a video signal splitter, the incoming cable signal can be distributed to several locations/electronic devices.

See listing above for RG59/U and RG6/U ACE SKU numbers. We recommend RG6/U for optimal performance and to "future proof" your installation.

If all splitter outputs are not connected, connect 75 ohm terminator to prevent ghosting. - ACE No. 30805

Video Signal Splitter
DescriptionACE No.
2-Way Splitter32969
3-Way Splitter30772

Cable Hook-Up with Video Amplifier and Video Signal Splitter

We recommend a video amplifier when using a video signal splitter with more than three outputs.

Video Source: Incoming Cable Signal

See chart under "Basic Cable Hook-Up" for RG59/U and RG6/U ACE SKU numbers.

We recommend RG6/U for optimal performance and to "future proof" your installation.

If all splitter outputs are not connected, install a 75 ohm terminator to prevent ghosting.

Video Signal Splitter
DescriptionACE No.
4-Way Splitter32965
6-Way Splitter3166881
8-Way Splitter3169133
Video Signal Amplifier
DescriptionACE No.
10dB, 1 Output30770
24dB, 1 Output30708

Cable Hook-Up with Stereo Receivers

When a TV has LEFT and RIGHT stereo audio plugs...

...then the TV may be connected to a stereo receiver...connecting sound from the TV to LEFT and RIGHT speakers of the stereo receiver.

Use ACE stereo speaker cables to connect the TV to the stereo receiver.

ACE No.Length
31835066 ft.
318353012 ft.

Use ACE speaker wire to connect speakers. A smaller gauge number represents a larger diameter wire and offers the best performance. NOTE: 14 gauge speaker wire is recommended for distances greater than 50 feet.

Speaker Wire
ACE No.GaugeLength
31741901430 ft.
31742081450 ft.
318333214250 ft.
31740911630 ft.
31741091650 ft.
317415816100 ft.
318332416250 ft.
347451850 ft.
316512318100 ft.
3232818500 ft.
309382450 ft.
3221424500 ft.

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