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Paint Problems

Cracking and Alligatoring

Old layers of paint may be so brittle from age that the paint cannot expand with temperature fluctuations. Instead, hairline cracks form. When this happens, small openings in the paint film allow rainwater to seep in, ultimately resulting in flaking. The flaking paint should be scraped off, and the surface sanded.

Alligatoring is a cracking pattern that is visible in the top layers of a multi-layered paint film (most often oil-based). It often resembles the hide of an alligator. If the surface is not peeling, it is probably sound and does not require removal of the cracked paint. Smooth surface by sanding. In cases of either cracking or alligatoring, the surface should be reprimed with Ace Royal Shield Exterior Oil-Based Primer. In those cases where some peeling has occurred, it may be advisable to completely remove the paint.


To avoid paint peeling, prepare the surface properly and eliminate sources of moisture before painting. Note the temperature restrictions on the label. Cold weather prevents the paint film from forming properly. Very hot temperatures or strong winds dry the paint too quickly.

Another source of peeling is moisture build-up inside the house. If inadequate ventilation is present, the trapped moisture will migrate to the outside of the structure and, in many cases, cause blistering and peeling down to bare wood. To help prevent moisture caused peeling, be sure exhaust fans and an adequate number of attic louvers and roof vents are installed in your home.

Be sure that roof overhangs, gutters, downspouts and flashing are in good working order and that the carry the rain away from the building.

The surface to be painted must be clean, sound, dull (sand existing satin, semi-gloss or gloss paint) and dry.

Peeling on gutters and downspouts can be a result of the substrate not having been properly cleaned or primed prior to topcoating. If peeling occurs, scrape to bare metal. Be sure to feather or smooth out the edges of remaining paint. Make sure no trace of oil, grease, detergent film or moisture is present before priming non-ferrous metals with Ace Galvanized and Aluminum Primer. For ferrous metal use Ace Rust Stop Primer.


Rusty Nail Stains- sand nail head to remove rust down to clean metal surface. The nails must be inset properly so they are not protruding from the surface. A nailset and hammer can be used for this purpose. Fill indentations with patching compound. Then spot prime with Ace Royal Shield Oil-Based Primer.

Tannin Stains (bleeding)- some woods like cedar and redwood tend to cause a brownish discoloration to occur on the paint film. Keep stain from bleeding through the paint film by priming first with Ace Stain Halt Primer and Sealer or Ace Royal Shield Exterior Oil-Based Primer. Severe stains should be sealed with Ace Royal Shield Exterior Oil-Based Primer.

Chalking- Wash stained areas with a solution of Ace Siding Cleaner, TSP or similar detergent and water, rinse and allow to dry. Prime with Ace Royal Shield Oil-Based Primer. Chalk washdown on porous brick or cement surfaces is difficult to entirely remove by washing. Some stain will remain. Allow to dry before applying Ace Royal Shield Paint.

Poor Coverage

Use a top quality paint, like Ace Royal Shield, and follow the recommended spreading rate. Equally important is the quality of the applicator and the technique used. If the painted surface has the appearance of muted stripes, be careful to apply a uniform amount of paint to the surface each time you load the paint brush, pad or roller.

Use Ace Brand One Coat or professional applicators for optimal results. A second coat of paint may be desired, depending on surface condition and depth of the color being applied.


Mildew looks like dirt. Test it by dropping or dabbing a few drops of bleach onto the area; if the discoloration disappears or is minimized after 30 seconds, it is mildew. Mix a solution of one part bleach to three parts water. Apply mixture to mildew and allow to stand 30 minutes. Scrub area with scrub brush and rinse well. Allow to dry before painting.


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