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Sump Pumps

Keep water out of your basement or crawlspace with a sump pump from Ace. Our wide range of sump pumps offers peace of mind when you know that heavy rains, light flooding and spring thaws won’t cause expensive damage to the below-grade portion of your house. Choose from the best brands in the industry, including Wayne, Flotec, Zoeller, Ace and more. 

Submersible Sump Pump 

Our sumps pumps come in various sizes, horsepower ratings and builds to handle different loads. The latest pumps can move thousands of gallons per hour with debris filtration for minimal clogging. Enjoy streamlined operation and superior ease of use with our selection of basement water pumps, allowing you to quickly install and leave the unit to its work. 

Shop our online selection of sump pumps to locate the features you want most, including: 

  • High gallons per hour ratings 
  • Floating switch 
  • Various horsepower ratings 
  • Epoxy-coated steel motors 
  • Testing to one million cycles 
  • Plastic, aluminum, steel and cast-iron constructions 
  • Fully submersible 
  • Sized to fit different sump pit basins 
  • Engineered bases of cast iron, thermoplastic and more 
  • Corrosion-resistant finishes 

Battery Sump Pump Back-Up 

Your submersible sump pump is an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of appliance, making it all the more important to have a back-up ready to take over if a problem arises. Get emergency flood protection at the best prices with our battery-powered units. Our back-up sump pumps take over during power outages, float failure, primary pump failure or when more power is needed. 

Depending on the model, your back-up sump pump can also provide diagnostic assistance. Identify the problem in the event of failure through easy-to-use light indicators, allowing you to correct the issue fast. Look for these and other advanced features in our back-up sump collection, including: 

  • Dual float switches 
  • Alarm system that indicates a problem 
  • Compatibility with maintenance or maintenance-free AGM battery units 
  • Built-in charger to maintain battery life 
  • On-board monitoring of battery fluid levels 
  • Easy installation 
  • Weekly self-test 

Additionally, some models offer Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to receive an email, text or notification if any irregularities occur. Such units can also be connected to a home security system. 

Water Back-Up Sump Pump 

Go battery-free with one of our water-powered back-up sump pumps, which operate solely on water pressure from your water supply when there is a power outage. These pumps are sturdy and built to last, with backflow prevention available to prevent reverse contamination. Shop now to find the features you’re looking for, including: 

  • UL Certification for backflow prevention 
  • High maximum heads 
  • High gallons per hour 
  • Products that complement electric sump pumps 
  • Brass construction on pump and valve for longevity and strength 
  • No maintenance required 
  • Ability to operate on municipal water pressures between 20 and 70 PSI 

Sump Pump Parts 

For valves, gauges, pressure switches and more, shop our selection of sump pump parts and accessories. Find well and repair parts, storage tanks and other pumps to keep your basement dry. 

Shop at Ace for Sump Pumps 

We carry a wide variety of sump pumps, maintaining top quality at prices that fit your budget. Protect your home and valuables from water damage with a basement pump and back-up from Ace Hardware. Browse online to find the right model for you, or head to your neighborhood store for tips and advice from our helpful staff.