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About Bird Seeds and Bird Food

Attract more birds to your yard with bird seed and food from Ace Hardware. We offer an extensive selection bird food, many designed to attract specific types of birds. By selecting the right type of seed and food for the birds in your area you will be able to spend more time observing and enjoying birds of all types.

Bird feed is available in many varieties, including seed, suet and nectar. Wild bird seed is often the most common and widely known bird feed. However, all seeds are not the same and varying ingredients will attract different types of birds. Also certain seeds may be more appropriate for specific regions and seasons. For example, black oil sunflower seed is ideal for colder climates and winter months due to the high oil content that provides warmth and energy to birds.

Suet, a unique bird feed that includes beef fat, is most often available in a cake form. Suet is commonly fed to birds within a special feeder that is essentially a wire cage-like holder for the suet cake. Suet is a high-energy bird food due to its fatty content and is especially popular among insect-eating birds. It often contains various grains, nuts, fruit and even flavored pellets.

Nectar, another type of feed, is a commonly used as hummingbird bird food, but is a favorite among orioles as well. Nectar is very sweet and contains the sugar necessary to keep these high energy birds going. You will find nectar in both liquid and ready-to-mix powder forms. It is very important to regularly change out your nectar because it is susceptible to bacteria and spoiling.

Shop Ace for all of your bird feeding needs. We have the right products to help you attract the birds that you enjoy. Remember to always read the labels carefully to be sure you are choosing the best bird feed for your local area and bird population. And don’t forget to check out our selection of bird feeders and houses to provide a comfortable place for the birds to enjoy their food.