Painting Your New House

What You Will Need

  • Drop cloths to cover the floors
  • Painters tape to tape around areas you do not want to paint
  • Wall spackle and putty knives
  • Good quality paint brushes, rollers and roller pans
  • High quality paint to apply to your walls

Selecting Paint Colors

It's important to spend some time finding hues that make you happy. Do not be afraid to experiment! Remember, if you do not like it, all you have to do is paint it again. This requires more work, but it will only take a day to repaint a room. To give colors a test-drive, use color samples like Ace paint pods. Leave the test paint up for at least 24 hours to see how you like the color under different lighting.

It's also important you buy enough paint to cover your walls, as this can save you time and money. A great tool to use is a paint calculator like the one on Ace's website. All you need is the room's width, length and height.

Preparing to Paint

Always spend the most time on the preparation. Ninety percent of a good paint job is achieved by all the work you do before the paint goes on the wall, so before you get the brush out, give the wall surfaces a thorough cleaning.

Also, smooth over cracks and other surface imperfections with spackle and a putty knife and then sand smooth. Viewing the surface from an angle will reveal any spots that may have been missed.

Protect furniture, countertops and other areas not to be painted with drop cloths or masking paper. Canvas drop cloths will be a larger investment in the beginning, but they will last longer than plastic or other materials, giving you more bang for your buck. If you choose to use other materials, such as newspaper, be mindful that paint could soak through.

Painter's tape is more expensive than regular masking tape, but it's designed to stay on the wall for a longer period of time, whereas regular tape can peel up paint or leave residue when left on for longer than 24-48 hours. For a pristine edge, try Frog Tape® Painter's Tape, which is treated with paint blocking technology to seal the edges and prevent paint from seeping through.

Starting to Paint

Giving your paint a good stir is essential as paint separates into layers as it sits. Stir paint with a stirring stick from the bottom of the can up until the paint is uniform in thickness and appearance.

When painting an entire room, you should follow this order: ceiling, walls and then any windows, doors and trim.

Another important aspect of a good paint job is the tools you use. Quality brushes and rollers will cost you more, but with proper care, your investment will pay off in the long run.

When using a paintbrush, make sure you dip only the bottom third of the bristles into the paint so as not to waste paint and create a mess. Also, grasp the metal band around the bristles with your thumb and fingers allowing the handle to sit in the bend of your thumb and overlap long strokes applied at an angle while keeping the whole tip of the brush on the surface.

For painting with a roller, work in three- to four-foot square sections and follow a zigzag or "W" pattern. Fill in the section with horizontal strokes and then smooth over the section with vertical strokes. This will maintain the same pattern and will help to fuse the smaller sections into one finished surface when dry.

Calendar for Maintaining Your New Home

  1. Every 3 Months
  2. Every 6 Months
  3. Once a Year
  4. Throughout the Year
Get the Details

Maintaining Your New Home

Every 3 Months

Replace furnace filters every 3 months.

Every 6 Months

  • Clean dryer vents twice a year.
  • Scrub the inside of the kitchen disposal with toilet brush.

Once a Year

  • Drain the water heater.
  • Have your furnace or boiler professionally serviced.
  • Conduct a yearly exterior inspection of your home to check for loose shingles, broken siding, loose caulking and chipped paint.
  • Clean coils of your refrigerator and around your A/C unit in the spring to improve efficiency.
  • Pressure wash walkways, driveways, porches and decking in the spring to start the warm weather season nice and clean.

Throughout the Year

Create a 4-step lawn program to weed and feed your lawn all year long.

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