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Exterior Paint in the Garden

with Megan & Stephanie

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Clark + Kensington Paint from Ace Hardware, has done it again! This time, we have taken this durable, and beautiful paint to the outdoors. We were so happy to discover that Clark + Kensington has an exterior paint that is not only durable, but was rated BEST exterior paint in a 2018 issue of a popular consumer review magazine.

I have been wanting to add a ladder herb box to my garden for a couple of years now. When I found a local handyman who built these beauties, I could hardly contain my excitement. I knew that a little paint from Ace would preserve and beautify this cedar herb ladder for years to come.

In fact when things were said and done, I found myself the proud owner of not one, but two of these lovely ladders.

When visiting our local Ace, I went straight to the paint counter in search of the perfect paint for this project. The paint expert behind the counter didn't hesitate for a second when he recommended Clark + Kensington's exterior paint for my project. He explained how the paint would be thick, almost like pudding, but that I would be able to apply it with ease. This thickness of paint would be the very thing that helps it withstand the elements. He was so knowledgable and kind. There is no doubt that Ace has their costumers' best interest in mind, and are willing to go the extra mile.

do it yourself divas

do it yourself divas

When trying to decide on the color that would look beautiful in my garden, I came across this gorgeously neutral color, called Smokey Taupe (N-C6). I thought it would blend seamlessly into the garden, while displaying my growing herbs.

Painting these boxes was so incredibly quick and easy. The paint, although thick like pudding, went on like butter. It dried quickly and evenly. I only needed to paint two coats. The finish is so smooth and is absolutely stunning. I love how in different light the color seems to shift and change ever so slightly. It really was a perfect color choice.

do it yourself divas

do it yourself divas

do it yourself divas

I think that these painted herb ladder boxes, with the help of Ace'sClark + Kensington's paint, make my little garden look so charming and complete.

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