About RTV Silicone

RTV silicone is a quick and easy fix for a number of different projects around your home. If you're looking for a quality sealer, adhesive, mold or even crafting material, pick up a strong and durable RTV silicone tube from Ace Hardware. We have a wide variety of silicones to match your current home project, including Permatex clear adhesive and several colored options. Find your favorite type and style for your next project at Ace today.

What is RTV Silicone?

RTV silicone, or Room Temperature Vulcanization Silicone, is a type of adhesive that quickly sets without a heat source or long drying times. Since it's so easy and effective, homeowners find that RTV silicone can be used for several quick fixes and permanent repairs around the house.

Some common uses of RTV silicone include:

  • Sealing windows or siding
  • Repairing weather stripping
  • Creating gaskets
  • Bonding two surfaces together, like countertops, metals, plastics or glass
  • Making molds
  • Completing crafts

Choosing the Right Silicone for Your Project

RTV silicone has specific uses. While you shop, look for options that fit the repairs you need to make to ensure your latest project is sealed, bonded or molded successfully.

  • High-temperature RTV silicone: ideal for outdoor areas, places regularly exposed to sunlight, or places where climate control isn't possible, like basements.
  • No-leak RTV silicone: ideal for areas exposed to water, like in a shower, bathtub, or near sinks.
  • Automotive RTV silicone: these high-temperature, non-corrosive products create gaskets in engines and other areas of a vehicle.

Helpful Hint: If you're making automotive repairs with RTV silicone, you'll need other tools in your kit. Take a look at our automotive grease supplies to ensure all restorations and quick fixes go smoothly.

Picking a Silicone Color

RTV silicone comes in a variety of color options to fit in with its surroundings. Find the right color to make this thin adhesive virtually invisible in your home repairs.

Common colors and their uses include:

  • Black silicone: ideal for glass, metal and even ceramic repairs, as well as fabrics and vinyl crafts.
  • Blue silicone: ideal for showers, tile backsplashes and colored glass products.
  • Copper silicone: ideal for decorative items and metal work.
  • Clear silicone: ideal for glass or other applications where it will be visible, like sealing around windows.

No matter what you need to fix around your home or car, RTV silicone is a top choice for your toolbox. Shop Ace to find the right silicone for all your home repairs and projects today.

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