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About Timers & Lighting Controls

Christmas lights are an essential part of the season. However, having them on all season long can cost you tons of money in electric bills. Make sure your holiday lights stay on for specific hours with timers made just for Christmas lights. Ace offers a wide assortment of light switch timers designed to shut off all your holiday décor at a scheduled time, ensuring you save plenty of electricity. Shop online to find the perfect Christmas light timers for all your indoor and outdoor seasonal displays.

Cordless Timers from Ace

Having holiday lights and pieces of seasonal décor on a timer can ensure quick, around-the-clock control of every item you have plugged in. Shop Ace to find cordless timers for your holiday setup.

  • Indoor Wireless Remotes: Browse our collection of indoor wireless remotes with a timer for your Christmas tree, mantel displays and window lighting. While you shop, find two-channel remote options to control separate areas with different timing options.
  • Mechanical Light Timers: Our assortment of mechanical timers can be set for up to seven days, giving you control over your festive indoor and outdoor decorations without having to manually plug everything in. These timers are even perfect to use when you're away from home. Simply set them up and let them show off your décor while you’re gone. 
  • Wireless Timers with Remotes: Using a timer with a remote makes it even easier to turn seasonal displays on and off. Shop our assortment online to find your favorite style.

Helpful Hint: Seven-day mechanical timers are ideal when you're out of town, but affordable mechanical options can still be useful if you're spending the holidays at home. Put your holiday lights and indoor electrical decor on a 24-hour mechanical light timer so you can set it and forget it the whole season.

Corded Timers from Ace

With corded timers for Christmas lights, you can control your indoor and outdoor seasonal décor throughout the holidays with ease.

Use these tips from Ace when shopping for the perfect timer for your Christmas lights:

  • Timers with Built-In Power: Buy a corded timer with built-in power for smaller decorations like simple strings of lights. Our outdoor photocell timers senses the dark to automatically turn on your lights when the sun goes down. Set the timer to a custom schedule to ensure your lights stay on for as long as you want them to.
  • Multi-Outlet Power Stakes with Timers:These devices are ideal for seasonal décor that requires more amperage. Look for three-outlet stakes to control multiple lights, LED displays and more.

At Ace, we make it easy to keep your holiday decorations looking their best while also helping you save money. Shop online or in-store now to find affordable electric and digital timers for your Christmas lights. Then, browse our collection of extension cords, corded power strips and surge protectors to keep your décor functioning properly all season long.