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About Flood & Security Lighting

Illuminate the outside of your home with the help of the LED security lights and flood lights available at Ace Hardware. Well-lit walkways, decks and patios make approaching visitors visible to both you and any surveillance cameras surrounding your property, keeping everyone safe. Look for home flood lights with features like solar panels, motion sensors and long-lasting LED bulbs to shed the best light on your outdoor space.

The Importance of Flood and Security Lighting

When the sun goes down, it can be hard to see or navigate around your outdoor space. Make sure your space is easy to see as you return home and keep your area protected from theft throughout the night with the help of durable and reliable flood light systems. Deck lights cast a gentle glow on an area to ensure safe footing, while flood lights provide the ultimate visibility as people and large animals approach your home. Learn how each of these outdoor lighting solutions can be used to brighten up your space and keep you safe.

Wall Lights

Cast light down on your deck, patio and walkways with ease by using wall lights to illuminate the exterior of your home. These lights boast a subtle design and incredible functionality. Install them on the side of your house at all entrances for extra safety.

Outdoor Flood Lights

See everything happening outside your home with the help of flood lights. These bright lights are available with a single light or in a two-light version that sheds light in multiple directions at once. Avoid the hassle of wiring and installation by selecting easy solar flood lights systems, plus options with motion sensors to ensure they only turn on when necessary.

Helpful Hint: Install flood lights at your front gate, driveway or over your garage for protection against burglary.

Deck Lights

Extend the hours you can use your deck or patio and ensure you always have visibility with the help of deck lights from Ace. Deck lights brighten that outdoor space, making it easy to maneuver around as you grill a great meal, visit with friends or relax under the stars without fearing any trespassers. Place them around the perimeter of the deck for bright and even illumination.

Keep yourself and your home protected at night with security systems, flood lights, landscape lighting and other outdoor lighting fixtures from Ace Hardware. Shop our wide selection today to find options that match your existing décor and features to match all your lighting needs.