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About Ironing Boards & Covers

Ironing boards and irons are two household staples that help you achieve crisply pressed clothing.  Since ironing boards are rather large to accommodate the length of pants, skirts or dresses, they can take up a considerable amount of room when set up.  And with ironing tending to be a sporadic chore, manufacturers have designed styles that can be neatly tucked away between uses.  

Folding ironing boards simply collapse flat to fit into closets or up against a laundry room wall, while over the door ironing boards are hung on the back of a door.  Great space savers, over the door ironing boards close vertically against the door and open horizontally when ready for use.  

Ironing boards can last a lifetime, though you will likely need to replace their covers.  Ironing board covers include padding to prevent unwanted ironing creases from the edge of your ironing board or even patterns from the openings of the board frame itself.  Find both ironing boards and ironing board covers to suit your needs at Ace.