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About Timers

This season, show off your holiday spirit in style. Outlet timers from Ace allow you to control your decorations easily and use electricity efficiently. That way, you don't have to go out in the cold to unplug each individual cord in the middle of the night. Shop today to find the right electrical outlet timer, digital outlet timer and a variety of cordless timers for your seasonal decorations.

Indoor Outlet Timers

Our assortment of outlet timers and power strips with timers allow you to turn your décor pieces on and off at a pre-determined time you choose, so you no longer have to fuss over plugging everything in each day.Shop Ace Hardware to find indoor outlet timers that make all your decorations shine.

  • Power Strips with Built-In Timers: These devices allow you to plug multiple decorations into one outlet. That way, turning your Christmas décor on and off becomes automatic.
  • Seven-Day Digital Timers: These items keep your decorations on a set schedule and can be programmed to have a different on/off time for each day of the week. Even if you’re away, you can trust that your indoor display will welcome you home for the holidays. 
  • Digital Timers: Use multiple digital timers to control every decorated area in your home on a schedule you choose. With several settings to choose from, it's easy to create a unique timing program you can set and forget, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the holidays.

Helpful Hint: Add an extension cord with a built-in timer for decorations that can't reach standard outlets. These extension cords allow you to plug in several decorations that will all be set to the same timing schedule.

Outdoor Outlet Timers

After you've set a timer for all your interior decorations, get your outdoor Christmas décor on a schedule. Shop Ace to find timers for your lights, moving figurines, inflatable décor and more.

  • Outlet Power Stakes: These can be placed in your yard to sync oversized décor pieces to a timer. With models up to six outlets, you can power up all your lawn decorations with ease. Look for models with remote controls or WiFi capabilities for even more on/off options. 
  • Photocell Timers with Remotes: Photocell timers can power a variety of decorations while providing easy on/off access. These devices sense darkness and automatically turn on your lights. All you have to do is set a schedule to turn your lights off and you'll be set for the season.

Get ready to make the holidays easier. With outlet timers from Ace, you won't have to plug in your decorations every day, or worry about how big your electric bill would be if you kept your holiday displays running all through the night. Shop online or in-store to find the perfect options to set up your lights, displays and other decorations on a set schedule throughout the holiday season.