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Weed and Vegetation Killers

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About Weed & Vegetation Kill

Weeds can quickly take over an outdoor area. Whether you’re looking to clear out a wide area of weeds or target smaller patches, Ace Hardware can help match you up with the exact vegetation killer or weed burner you need.

A popular form of weed control, spray herbicides are liquid solutions that allow people to directly target unsightly weeds in their gardens, sidewalks and driveways. And since crabgrass can also spread quickly and overtake gardens and considerable amounts of land, you can nip the overgrowth in the bud or clear out entire sections with a solution specifically formulated as a grass killer. One possible side effect of using any type of liquid weed killer is that it can kill the surrounding vegetation if not applied correctly. 

To avoid destroying the plants you want and potentially exposing children and pets to strong ingredients, weed burners, or torches, eliminate weeds by flame. It’s important to follow the burner instructions closely when operating and be sure not to burn in extremely dry areas.

For more advice on how to eliminate unwanted plant growth visit your local Ace, or check out our guide on how to combat lawn problems.