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Does every room in your home have enough electrical outlets, or do you need to keep switching plugs to get everything working at the same time? Thanks to the increasing numbers of devices and chargers used in daily life, most homes now run short on outlets from time to time.

Our selection of plug adapters and outlet splitters at Ace Hardware can increase the number of sockets you have safely and easily available. Learn what you need to consider when choosing a multi-plug outlet or plug converter here.

Total Current Use (Amps)

It's important to buy an outlet adapter that has an amp rating high enough for your plans. Good outlet splitters will include a fuse to protect against electric surges. Choose one with a high enough amp rating to cope with all the devices or appliances you plan to plug into it.

Most outlet adapters have a rating of 15 or 20 amps, which is more than enough for general devices such as TVs, laptops, phone chargers and so on. However, if you need to plug in washing machines, dishwashers or other high-powered appliances, make sure your outlet splitter has a high enough amp rating to handle it.

Number of Outlets

It's important to choose a multi-plug converter with the right number of outlets from the start. Chaining two or more splitters together increases the risk of power failures and even electrical fires, so work out how many outlets you'll need before buying. We stock adapters with between one and six outlets to suit every need.

Size and Shape

Also, consider the size and shape of the adapter to make sure it fits in with the plugs you'll be using. Some adapter shapes, such as cubes, can offer several outlets in a very small space and are ideal for standard plugs.

However, phone chargers, power supplies and transformers often come in larger sizes and a strip format will ensure you can plug them all in at once.

Safety Features

Increase your home's safety by choosing an outlet adapter with built-in surge protection. For even more reassurance, look for an adapter with a switch to cut all currents when your devices aren't being used.

Grounded or Polarized

Depending on your home's electrical installation, your outlets might have two or three holes. In the first type, known as polarized sockets, there is no grounding feature and these outlets are usually found in older buildings.

The three-wire grounded type is more modern and offers increased safety. We carry splitters to suit both outlet designs, so it's important to choose the right configuration for your home's wiring.

Outdoor Plug Adapters

We also stock outlet adapters rated for outdoor use, which are protected from the elements to ensure safety no matter the conditions.

When you're looking to add a few more outlets to a room, our range of multi-plug adapters has the outlet splitters you're looking for. Browse our selection of outlet converters and adapters above, or visit your local Ace store where our expert staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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