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About Concrete / Blacktop / Sand

When it comes to small cement projects like implanting a fence post, mailbox, or even doing minor driveway repairs, you’d be surprised how easy it is to use ready mix concrete or mortar mix. Even beyond the variety of cement mixes, Ace also has an affordable selection of sand bags for everything from play sand to diverting water.

Although it’s used almost interchangeably with concrete and mortar mixes, cement mix isn’t an actual product. Cement is the binding agent that’s in both concrete mix and mortar mix. Concrete contains cement, sand, and typically gravel. When water is added to the mixture, the cement is activated and when it dries, everything solidifies. Mortar is typically just sand and cement, so it functions more as a paste that’s used to bind building blocks together. 

Since there’s a variety of cement mixes and sand bags to choose from, it’s best to do some research before making your purchase. Your local Ace can help you with expert advice to make sure you get the product you need for your next project. Once you have what you need, don’t forget that we can help with advice from laying concrete blocks to pouring concrete and even repairing and patching concrete.