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About Trimmers / Edgers / Blowers

Keeping your yard looking its best all year long is easier than it sounds. With the help of top-quality outdoor power equipment from Ace Hardware, you'll get your front lawn and backyard cleaned up in a matter of minutes. Browse our selection today to find hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, edgers and other lawn equipment staples to maintain your yard with ease.

Essential Lawn Equipment for Every Homeowner

There are a couple essentials every homeowner's garage should have. Find out which lawn care equipment you need to spruce up your outdoor space throughout the year.

  • Trimmers: A great-looking yard is all about the small details. Trim around rocks, pillars and other obstacles in your lawn with the help of trimmers.
  • Hedge Trimmers: Keeping your bushes nice and neat requires a reliable hedge trimmer. This handy piece of outdoor garden equipment features a long extension you can use to shape your bushes and small trees in an expert fashion.
  • Edgers: Get those nice clean edges for your lawn with the help of an edger. Pass it around the perimeter of walkways, driveways, decks, and patios for the perfect finish to your landscaping.
  • Blowers: Clean up leaves and clippings from mowing, trimming, edging and other yardwork in minutes with quality, durable blowers.

Choosing Between Gas and Electric Lawn Equipment

Our selection of lawn equipment is available in both electric and gas-powered models. Gas tools are easy to fill with the same gas can you use for your lawn mower and provide a simple, cordless design to easily maneuver around your yard.

Electric lawn equipment is powered in one of two ways.

It either has a plug that attaches to the extension cord of your choice for consistent power, or it features a rechargeable battery to use as a cordless design. Decide how far you'll need to move from an outlet to clean up your yard in order to choose which design is right for you.

Replacement Parts and Accessories for Your Outdoor Power Equipment

Your outdoor power equipment is an investment. Protect it with the help of replacement parts and accessories from Ace. From new blades to provide clean, sharp lines on your grass and hedges to backup battery packs to ensure your all-day projects stay moving, find all the accessories and replacement parts you need to keep your yard pristine.Stop by your local Ace Hardware to find all the lawn tools and equipment you need to increase your curb appeal today.