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About Pressure Washer Accessories

Having a pressure washer handy can help you keep your deck, patio, roof, outdoor furniture, and more clean all year long. To make the most of your pressure washer and maintain the pristine look of your home, you need the right pressure washer accessories on hand.

Shop Ace to find an assortment of pressure washer attachments and parts.

Pressure Washer Parts

Pressure washer parts keep your tool performing perfectly, whether you use it once a year at home or every single day on the job. Find a variety of pressure washer parts for different brands and models at Ace Hardware.

If you notice leaks or regular wear on your current pressure washer hose, shop our array of replacement hoses. Our hoses range from 25 to 50 feet in length to provide enough movement for every task. While you shop, look for options with high PSI for a more powerful spray. 

If the pump is giving you trouble, find the appropriate pressure washer pump to replace your existing one. High-volume pumps can even upgrade your existing pressure washer into a more powerful machine. 

If your pressure washer's equipment is broken, find replacement parts at Ace. We sell a selection of replacement nozzles, fittings, couplers, and more to keep your washers in perfect shape.

Helpful Hint: While you shop for pressure washer parts and accessories, look for options created by the same company as your pressure washer. Doing so provides a superior fit and high-quality performance for years. If you can't find parts made by the same manufacturer, shop for universal parts that are designed to fit multiple models.

Pressure Washer Accessories and Tools

The right pressure washer accessories can go a long way toward helping you tackle any job efficiently. Find a variety of accessories to help you make the most of your pressure washer.

To improve your pressure washer's performance, look for a high PSI pressure washer gun. We also sell powerful 5800 PSI molded lances and high pressure hose attachments to tackle the toughest jobs. 

For general cleaning, combination lance and nozzle tools will provide the most flexibility. Look for long 36-inch nozzles with side handles for tight spaces and hard-to-reach jobs.

A working pressure washer can help you keep your porch, patio, roof, deck, and entire exterior clean year-round. Shop Ace Hardware to find these items along with a range of lawn and garden supplies to keep your home beautiful.