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Weber Grill Covers

If you want to keep your grill looking great and performing well for years to come, then you need to invest in a quality grill cover. But how do you go about choosing the cover that is right for your precious BBQ? Not all grill covers are created equal. Lightweight yet durable, Weber grill covers feature high-quality materials that help protect your grill from snow, rain, sun and more.

Finding the Right Fit

Size is one of the most important factors when choosing a grill cover. If your cover doesn't fit just right, then it could leave parts of your grill exposed to the elements or it could be vulnerable to being ripped away by the wind.

When you buy a Weber grill cover then you know it is designed to fit your Weber grill perfectly. Generic covers simply won't protect your Weber Genesis Grill the way that a Weber Genesis cover will. Your Weber BBQ cover provides a snug fit on your grill with strategically placed straps so the cover stays on tight.

Grill Cover Durability and Protection

Your grill cover needs to be able to stand up to the worst of the elements, including rain, snow and wind, as well as other risks to your grill, like lawn chemicals and small animals.

Weber BBQ covers are made of durable, 100% polyester fabric, which is tough enough to keep out the elements yet lightweight so it’s easy to use. The UV inhibitors woven into the fabric protect your cover from UV rays to resist fading and continue to look great years to come.

Additionally, Weber grill covers do not include any felt or flannel, as these materials often attract vermin. Small animals, like mice and squirrels, love tearing apart felt- or flannel-lined grill covers to build their nests, so it’s best to avoid covering your grill with these fabrics.

Using Your Weber Grill Cover

Whether your BBQ uses gas, charcoal or electricity, Weber grill covers are designed to extend the life of your grill. However, some myths have developed surrounding the proper use of grill covers, including beliefs that covers encourage rust and that you don't need to use a grill cover in the summer.

Let us set the record straight. You should use your Weber BBQ cover anytime your grill isn’t in use. The notion that grill covers encourage rust is false. In fact, your Weber grill cover can protect your grill from materials that encourage rust, like de-icing salt in the winter.

Use your grill cover throughout the year and not just when the weather is bad. As we mentioned above, wind, rain and snow aren't the only threats to your grill. Lawn chemicals can cause corrosion and small animals can do serious damage to your grill if it isn't properly covered.

Come talk to the friendly experts at your neighborhood Ace Hardware to find out more about Weber grill covers. While shopping for your grill cover, check out Weber's selection of grilling tools to complete your ensemble.