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About Home Security System

Types of Security SystemsArm your property with top-of-the-line home security systems available at Ace Hardware. By taking precautionary measures like installing trusted security systems and smoke detectors, your home and your loved ones can stay protected from harm. Browse our entire assortment of security systems to create maximum safety around every area of your home today.

Security Cameras

Set up a hi-tech security camera to monitor your front door, garage, backyard or any other area in your home. Several of our best home security systems even include Wi-Fi capabilities to connect to your system and send activity alerts directly to your mobile device. That way, you always know your house is protected, even while you're away.For a more affordable route, shop our selection of decoy cameras. Simply install these replicas in obvious spots around your front door to discourage any intruders from engaging in criminal activity on your property. Since these look so similar to real cameras, intruders will be less likely to target your home.


Install alarms throughout your home to alert you of intruders and emergencies. Look for indoor and outdoor operating alarms with features like motion-sensing capability and activity detection at your entryways for extra protection. Many kits include alarms for the door and several windows around your home for durable, long-lasting safety.

Leak Detectors

Save yourself from dealing with the hassle of a massive flood. Water leak alarms alert you as soon as they detect moisture, allowing you to quickly take action and prevent any long-term damage to your home and your belongings. Simply place them near major water sources, like near water tanks or in bathrooms, to prevent any accidental floods from occurring inside your home.

Signs and Decals

Place our security system signage around your home to warn and deter potential intruders from entering your property.

How to Find the Best Home Security System for You

Ace makes it easy to find home and apartment security systems to keep you and your family safe. Search our selection of security systems by brand name and desired price range. Then, select the features you're looking for, like easy installation, easy-to-understand instructions or immediate response. Finally, select your intended use for the system, like family protection and monitoring the home or smaller spaces, to discover the best home security for you and your family. Buy all the supplies you need to protect your home, your family and your belongings today.