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About Radios & Speakers

Stay connected when you need it most. At Ace, we offer a wide variety of audio and video devices, including portable DVD players, boom boxes, radios and more. Shop our assortment today to find the quality devices you need to stay in tune wherever you go.

At-Home Information and Entertainment

Electronics that provide up-to-date information and entertainment are essential home devices. Browse the selection at Ace Hardware to find the systems you need:

  • DVD Players: With a quality DVD player, you can enjoy your favorite movies from the comfort of your living room. Look for options with remote controls to make watching as enjoyable as possible.
  • Under-Cabinet Radios: Put these devices under your kitchen cabinets to keep your counter space free. That way, you can listen to music, news and more while you prepare your favorite meals.
  • Digital AM/FM Clock Radios: These devices are great to listen to news, weather updates, music stations and more, no matter where you're lounging.
  • Weather Alert Radios: Add a radio to your emergency preparedness kit. These devices are essential to keeping you up to date on potential weather risks and disaster situations.

Helpful Hint: If you travel often or spend most of your time in your car, put an Eton weather alert radio in your glovebox. That way, you can pick up a variety of channels, listen to current weather updates, put out an emergency beacon and much more without risking your car's battery in an emergency situation.

Stay Connected on the Go

Audio devices are important to have while you travel. Use these tips to ensure you're always connected, even while you're away from home:

  • Take a weather alert radio with you on road trips to stay aware of any risks, hazards or dangerous weather changes. 
  • Grab a boom box or portable radio for picnics, beach days or just playing in the yard. Some modern boom boxes and portable radios even feature an auxiliary connection, allowing you to amplify your smartphone, laptop or tablet with ease. Pick up computer accessories like 3.5mm stereo-to-RCA to ensure you're always ready to connect.
  • Pack portable DVD players with you for road trips and travel with kids. Portable DVD players can be quickly set up in most hotel rooms and any place with a modern TV. Make sure you pack a standard component cable along with an HDMI option so your portable player will work with any television.

Listening to the radio, staying aware of weather changes and even enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows is possible at home and on the go. Shop Ace Hardware to find all of the radio and video options you'll need to stay informed and entertained everywhere.