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About Extension Cords

At Ace, we believe that the more holiday decorations you put up, the merrier. To do this, you're going to need some serious power. Ace can help. Shop our collection of indoor and outdoor extension cords to keep all your seasonal decorations powered up safely all winter.

Indoor Extension Cords for Holiday Decorations

This time of year requires plenty of plugs in order to keep all your decorations moving, twinkling and singing. Shop Ace to find extension cords to have every decoration work its Christmas magic safely all season.

  • Appliance Extension Cords: These are ideal for small items like holiday lamps and hanging lights. Look for models with dimmer features to change the brightness and effect of your seasonal lighting.
  • Extension Cord Multi-Packs: Make sure you have enough outlets to plug in all your holiday décor by buying your extension cords in multi-packs.
  • Two-Prong Converter-Type Extension Cords: If you have an older home, buy these extension cables to quickly power up modern Christmas decorations without having to retrofit your outlets.

Helpful Hint: Add a cord reel to your arsenal to make coiling and storing extension cords easier. Cord reels also ensure that your power will work perfectly since your cords won't get kinked or become susceptible to damage throughout the year.

Outdoor Extension Cords for Holiday Decorations

Outdoor seasonal décor can make a big impact on guests and neighbors. In order to keep everything up and running, you'll need a reliable power source. Make sure each inflatable decoration, incandescent C light sets, figurine and other outdoor display is safely powered all season with high-quality extension power cords from Ace.

  • Heavy-Duty Extension Cords: These cords are designed to handle harsh winter conditions. Look for outdoor-rated cords to plug in all your powerful decorations.
  • Power Block Extensions: These devices include multiple outlets on a single system to provide plenty of power. Use them with existing outdoor extension cords to give you more flexibility when deciding where to put all your decorations.
  • Colored Outdoor Extension Cords: Ace even offers a variety of extension cords to blend in with your yard. Choose green cords for trees and lawn decorations, brown cords for roofs and other options to help your Christmas decorations take the spotlight.

Modern holiday décor requires plenty of power. To keep your decorations shining, moving and proudly creating a merry and bright scene, make sure you have the right extension cords for the job. Shop Ace to stock up on all the essentials you need to make the most of your Christmas displays this season.