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About Wood, Coal & Pellet Stoves

Most homeowners rely on furnaces or radiators for heat, but in recent years many have been turning to less expensive heaters by installing wood, coal and pellet stoves to supplement or even replace their heating systems. Ace Hardware carries several types of stoves that burn the fuel of your choice.

Wood burning stoves are designed to heat a room, or even several rooms at once, burning a steady supply of firewood. Since wood stoves don’t rely on electricity, you can rest assured you’re home will maintain its warmth in the event of a power outage. 

Pellet stoves are fueled by small “beads” of compressed wood and other plant materials. They are believed to produce a hotter, more efficient heat than wood, but the efficiency comes with a higher price tag. And while pellet fuel tends to be more costly, the pellet stoves themselves require less upkeep by relying on electricity to automatically feed their fuel.

Burning coal helps homeowners achieve a much hotter heat than wood and pellets provide. However, coal stoves require more maintenance as they leave behind a much larger amount of burned ashes. These ashes must be cleaned out on a routine basis.

For more information, visit an expert at your local Ace or check out our wood burning fireplaces guide. We also can help you find the wood stove parts you need, including wood stove fans and stove pipe kits, to keep your stove functioning properly throughout its lifetime.