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Ace Hardware carries a full line of heavy-duty padlocks to fit your needs. Available in an array of styles and lock types, our padlocks have varying levels of security to withstand harsh weather and theft. Read on to learn about the different types of padlocks we carry and what features to look for.

Types of Security Padlocks

Whether you're looking for a small padlock to secure luggage or a waterproof padlock to secure an exterior gate, find a compatible padlock for any task in our large inventory. Some common types of padlocks you'll discover in our collection include:

Combination Padlocks

Combination padlocks are secured with a three-digit to five-digit combination that can be reset. Push-button models have pegs that must be pushed in, while dial models feature a series of discs that must be rotated to a specific position to gain access. These keyless padlocks have a stainless-steel construction that makes them more weather-resistant than many other styles.

Electronic Padlocks

Our electronic padlocks operate with fingerprint recognition, similar to the keyless and buttonless biometric access that many smartphone devices use. These products feature a fully rechargeable battery and can store multiple fingerprints to let more than one user in.

Key Padlocks

Most types of key padlocks have steel bodies that house either a series of pins or locking mechanisms. One of the main benefits of key padlocks is that they can easily be re-keyed if you lose the keys, or the locking mechanism can be switched out if you need to update your security access.

Shackle Padlocks

These round padlocks offer an ideal way to resist theft due to their stainless-steel bodies, pick-resistant properties and shrouded shackles that provide maximum cut protection. A smaller shackle limits exposure to vulnerable parts of the padlock, while a longer shackle provides more space to properly lock around difficult areas.

Cable Padlocks

With braided steel for maximum durability and protective vinyl coatings that protect against scratches, these waterproof padlocks often feature colorful cables for easy identification. Cable padlocks are ideal for securing bicycles, trailer loads, equipment and work tools.

Tips and Features to Consider when Selecting a Security Padlock

Different padlocks have varying methods of access and features. Here are a few quick tips to help you make the right choice when purchasing a new padlock:

  • The Material: Steel is the most common material used for heavy-duty padlocks. Brass, zinc alloy, aluminum and stainless-steel materials are often used for padlocks designed to ensure an adequate level of security. 
  • The Size: Choose a lock that fits securely over the area you’re locking without leaving too much of the shackle exposed. That way, it’s more difficult for thieves to attempt cutting through.
  • The Securing Mechanism: Higher security padlocks are often constructed with steel balls positioned between the shackle and the body that safeguards against forced entry. Other securing mechanisms may feature double locks with springs. While you shop, look for options that include the appropriate anti-theft features for your needs.

Shop our selection of top-quality padlocks to keep your valuables safe and secure. Then, explore even more personal security options here at Ace.