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Irrigation Supplies

Water your lawn and keep your garden lush using Ace’s irrigation supplies. Whether you’re putting together a lawn watering system or creating a complex garden irrigation system, we offer a selection of tried-and-tested tools to keep your greenery healthy. Explore our wide range of tools and supplies from the best brands, including Craftsman, Ames, Suncast, Ace and more.


Our garden hoses are made of high-grade materials to stay tough while remaining flexible. Kink-resistant, crush-resistant and with high-burst pressures, our hoses can be used for irrigating with drip systems or lawn sprinklers. Our hoses come in different lengths and can withstand a variety of different water temperatures to help you complete your next task.

Find the details you want most when you shop for hoses online, including:

  • All rubber constructions
  • Concave hexagonal designs for reduced kinking
  • Flexibility down to sub-zero weather
  • Crush-resistant brass couplers
  • Ability to handle extreme water temperatures

Hose Cabinets and Reels

If you’re moving your hose around the yard, a reel cabinet makes packing it up easy. Our cabinets and hose reels are durable and smooth for frustration-free storage. Hold long lengths of hose and enjoy easy, guided rewinding to keep your reel neatly rolled.


Ace offers a range of above-ground sprinklers to provide water for plants and lawns. Our sprinklers are made for areas big and small, with spread ratings in square footage to help calculate needed coverage. Patterns can be full-circle, back and forth or adjustable. Large, open areas may be covered with one of our traveling sprinklers or with multiple stationary sprinklers.

Look for the following features among our assortment of sprinklers to find the best options for your yard:

  • Adjustable spray arms
  • Automatic shut-offs
  • Variable speed options
  • Precise control of lawn saturation
  • High-grade plastic, cast iron and other materials used in body construction
  • Powder-coated paint
  • Turbo drive motors
  • One-touch width adjustments
  • Quiet operation

Rain Barrels

Capture water off your roof to lower your water bill or well usage. We carry rain barrels of various sizes, with a spigot at the bottom of the barrel to attach a hose or easily fill watering cans. Explore the following features with our rain barrels to find the best product for your home:

  • Overflow design to route water away from the house
  • Recyclable, impact-resistant polyethylene construction
  • UV-treated to withstand weather
  • Flat-back design for sitting flush against the exterior of the house 
  • Ergonomic spigot height for filling watering cans

Garden Irrigation Systems

Amateur hobbyists and serious gardeners alike, find all the lawn and garden supplies you need to help your yard thrive at Ace. Shop top-rated products like sprayers, drip irrigation tools, irrigation tubing and more to create a full garden irrigation system.

We can help you feed your plants directly at the root to minimize evaporation and fungus growth. Our selection of drip irrigation supplies includes:

  • Tubing
  • Valves, couplers, connectors, adaptors and fittings
  • Drippers, bubblers, micro sprayers and emitters
  • Drip irrigation bags
  • Pressure regulators
  • Stakes
  • Fertilizer injectors

Visit Ace for Irrigation Supplies

Our expert team is available at your neighborhood Ace store to help you find the watering and irrigation supplies for your lawn and garden. Or, shop online to compare items side by side, with quick delivery and free store pickup available.