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About Sawhorses & Workmates

Sawhorses and workmates make any job easier. At home, they're ideal for small garages and building projects, including home renovation and repairs. If you work in construction or make repairs professionally, a quality sawhorse and workmate is a must-have tool to bring to every jobsite.

Shop Ace Hardware to find a variety of different sawhorses, workmates and the accessories you need to complete your next project with ease.

Sawhorses for At-Home Solutions

If you often make your own home repairs or build items, a reliable sawhorse can make your projects easier to complete.

Shop Ace to find the right sawhorse and workmate for your own needs:

  • Plastic Sawhorses: This lightweight solution is ideal for small jobs and repairs. Simply move them from site to site to set up your repair space exactly where you need it.
  • Folding Sawhorses: Choose these options for maintenance in small spaces like garages. These tools can be easily folded and stored when they aren’t in use, so you can use that space for other projects.
  • Adjustable Sawhorses: If you move from small projects to larger jobs, an adjustable sawhorse may be best for you. These items can even handle higher weight capacities than standard folding options, letting you work on heavy-duty tasks with ease.

Helpful Hint: If you work on projects that require lumber, choose a sawhorse with grooves that hold pieces of wood in place. These can help you make clean cuts quickly, while providing a sturdy base for you to work on.

Heavy-Duty Sawhorse Options

Professional work or major home renovation projects require serious tools. Shop Ace to find a heavy-duty sawhorse and the right accessories to help you complete the job safely and efficiently.

  • Heavy-Duty Sawhorses: If you work with heavy materials, including large pieces of lumber, these sawhorses are best for you. They can hold 500 pounds or more, helping you stay safe while you work on hefty projects throughout the day. 
  • Metal Folding Sawhorses: If you work at a construction site, you'll need a durable, portable option. Metal sawhorses can hold more weight and handle regular use over wood or plastic models, allowing you to keep your sawhorse for years.
  • Heavy-Duty Sawhorse Brackets: These tools can be attached to existing sawhorses to make easy work of major jobs. Look for metal brackets for extra durability and a larger weight threshold to ensure every project is completed safely.

The right sawhorse and workmate can make any job easier, including minor home maintenance and major construction work. Shop Ace Hardware to find the right option for your workspace. While you're here, look for helpful items like a workbench and heavy-duty toolboxes to help you stay organized and efficient in your garage and at the job site.