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About Roof Rakes

Winter weather can put extra stress on your home. If you're in a region where heavy snow and ice are the norm, all that weight can take a toll on your roof. To ensure your home can stay safe against damage caused by too much snow on your roof, shop high-quality roof rakes and other roof snow removal equipment from Ace Hardware.

Roof Snow Removal Equipment

Snow can damage your roof, put stress on your foundation, and lead to leaks inside your home. That's why using roof rakes to remove snow from your property quickly is crucial to protecting your home from damage. 

To make quick work on large roofs, shop oversized roof rakes from our featured brands. Look for fiberglass roof rakes with built-in wheels to protect your roof from damage. For bigger savings, shop our simple aluminum models. These efficient roof rakes have telescoping handles to quickly remove heavy piles of snow in one fluid motion. 

For areas that are hard to reach or where you may need more leverage, consider adding a roof rake extension to your snow removal arsenal. Our rake extensions add five feet to your standard rake, making it safer and easier to reach snow all over your roof.

Whether you're preparing for a winter storm or just stocking up on essentials for the season, Ace Hardware has everything you need for snow removal and property maintenance. Shop online or head to your local Ace to find all the latest tools from the best brands.