Hoover WindTunnel MAX Bagged Upright Vacuum 12 amps HEPA Red(UH30600)

Item no: 1570159 | 073502033968
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  • Sub Brand: WindTunnel MAX
  • Collection Type: Bagged
  • Product Type: Upright Vacuum
  • Amps: 12 amps
  • Filtration Type: HEPA
  • Color: Red
  • Brush Type: Agitator
  • Headlight: Yes
  • Corded or Cordless: Corded
  • Pet: No
  • Self-Propelled: No
  • Cleaning Path Width: 15 in.
  • Cord Length: 30 ft.
  • Filter Model/Style No.: 562289001/Ace no. 1229855
  • Hose Length: 15 ft.
  • Assembled Width: 15 in.
  • Lightweight: Yes
  • Swivel Head: No
  • Built In Accessory Storage: Yes
  • Belt Model/Style No.: AH20065/Ace no. 1409648
  • Assembled Height: 44 in.
  • Surface Type: All Purpose
  • Auto Cord Rewind: No
  • Bag Model/Style No.: 4010100Y / Ace no. 1092170
  • Edge Cleaning: Yes
  • Accessories: Upholstery Brush
  • Multi-Surface: Yes
  • Adjustable Height: Manual
  • Motorized Brush Roll: Yes
  • Assembled Depth: 13 in.
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • A simple touch releases the full bag directly into the trash so you never need to touch it
  • Filter traps 99.97% of dust and pollen down to 0.3 microns
  • Automatically shuts off brush roll when above-floor cleaning tools are in use and in upright position
  • Seven floor setting adjustable nozzle

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Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600)

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If tweaked, it'd be practically perfect

We vacuum weekly or less. No shedding pets, house is 1400 sq ft. Overall, we are satisfied with this machine. THE BASICS: 1) I bought the WindTunnelMAX in Sept 2011 to...Read complete review

We vacuum weekly or less. No shedding pets, house is 1400 sq ft. Overall, we are satisfied with this machine. THE BASICS: 1) I bought the WindTunnelMAX in Sept 2011 to replace a 17-yr old Hoover. The old one is so loud we need protective earmuffs or earplugs when we use it, but it still runs well even though parts are falling off of it. We've delegated it to the garage for vacuuming out the cars. The WindTunnelMAX is so much quieter than the old one that it is a joy to vacuum now. I would not say that it is quiet; it is a vacuum cleaner after all. It doesn't hurt my ears to use it and we don't have to shout over the noise to be heard. 2) The suction is great, maybe even a bit too much at times. If the bag needs changing, the suction drops off. (This happens about when the change-bag indicator shows a hint of red and only when the vacuum is running.) If I vacuum the kitchen floor (vinyl sheet) using the bare floor setting, it actually pulls up the vinyl, so I use a carpet setting in there. On wood and tile floors, it works great using the bare floor setting. However, I can't vacuum drapes or curtains because it just sucks the fabric into the wand attachment. There is no way that I can see to adjust the suction. SOME REALLY NICE, ELEGANTLY ENGINEERED FEATURES: 3)The brushroll on/off is foot controlled, the brushroll does not operate when the vacuum is engaged in the locked-upright position, and when the unit is released from the locked position, the brushroll engages automatically. When I vacuum the hardwood floors, if I've put it in the upright position, I have to be sure to step on the control to disengage the agitator when I resume vacuuming. 4)The extra long hose for tools locks into place. Our old one was held in place by friction, so after a couple years of wear, it kept pulling out of its resting place, dangling at the side, making the suction drop whenever you moved the vacuum. This hose is a good length. I would not want a shorter one. I'm not sure it's a full 15 feet in *usable* length, but it is long enough for normal use. I can't quite do the entire length of our stairs with the hose and attachments, but I can get the last 2 or 3 steps done from the other end without having the unit resting on the stairs at any point. 5) Changing the belt and getting tangled stuff off the roller is incredibly easy. The access cover to the brushroll and belt is very easy to take off without any tools, and goes back on just as easily. We have not had to replace the belt yet. We don't have pets, but we do have a lot of threads and yarns that collect in the sewing and living areas so I've had the brush roll off about every other time we vacuum. I think that keeping the roller free of debris has extended the belt life, but perhaps we don't vacuum as much as the folks who have to replace belts every two months (!?). As for clogs that others have mentioned, I can't say that it is a real issue. If hair or something hangs up at the nozzle intake, lint will collect there, but it is very easy to clean out when I clean the brushroll of collected debris. (hint: it's best to put the belt end of the roller in place, then the other end. It's a lot easier than trying to stretch the belt into place after the other side is secured.) 6) The air-powered brush attachment is very easy to take apart and clean out, then goes back together easily. It works reasonably well if you don't press too hard when vacuuming carpet. It is not a powered agitator like the brushroll because it has no motor driving it, so enough force on the brush can stop it from turning. 7) The machine maneuvers well on any floor, doesn't tip over when I use the hose and tools unless I pull hose longer than it is designed to go. It is not self-propelled, but it doesn't take a lot of muscle to make it move, except for the stairs, and those I can vacuum with the hose and tools. NOT-SO-GOOD FEATURES: 8)The telescoping wand is much too short and it collapses too easily when it is extended. I'd like either two separate wand pieces for the extra length, or a longer telescoping wand with an active locking mechanism. The telescoping thing allows for variable length of the wand, but the wand is just too short for that to matter. When fully extended without an attachment, it is only 20 inches beyond the end of the hose. The purpose of the wand is to extend the reach of my hand. Having a long hose allows me to use the tools far from the unit, but only getting a couple more feet in length beyond my hand when I use the wand isn't sufficient to relieve my back or shoulders of strain from bending over or to avoid kneeling to get at low areas. The wand and extension from my old machine gave me enough length to get into corners of the ceiling. I am average height for a woman, and I can't reach that far with this wand unless I put the crevice tool on or I stand on a stepstool. My tall husband and son can reach, but they can reach the ceiling without any wand. 9) The crevice tool is long, which is nice, but it has a funny, thick end. It is not great for actually getting the end into a crevice, so it must rely on the suction at 1/2 inch from the crevice being adequate enough to pull dirt out. I don't know if it works well enough. The end is shaped in such a way as to reduce suction around the tip of the tool. Maybe the suction of the machine is too much with a straight, thin-edged crevice tool? Also, the end is too fat to get into areas that I used to clean with the old, thinner-ended crevice tool, such as the radiators around and behind the fins. Unfortunately, the tools from our old machine don't fit this hose or wand. 10) The crevice tool fits into the wand when stored on the machine, but if I use the wand with another attachment, the crevice tool doesn't stay put on the machine. The base fits on the spot for the wand, but there is nothing to hold the upper part stable, so it flops around and falls off if the machine moves. If there was a longer base or something to hold the tool there, it would work well. Maybe I'll try a rubber band to hold it to the large clip that holds the wand when it it stored. Hadn't thought of that until I started this review! 11) I miss the small upholstery nozzle. It comes with a small upholstery brush and an air-powered brush that almost make up for it, but I would like the simpler tool better for some tasks. The bristles of the upholstery brush are short and fairly stiff. I wouldn't use it for dusting, as I could use the old one. I am used to one with longer, more flexible bristles, so it was a mild adjustment in how best to use this one. 12) It is awkward to use the machine on stairs. It is a bit too heavy for using on each step, and I have to bend over in order to maneuver the agitator for each step, which is bad for the back and I feel like I'm going to lose my balance. This isn't much different from the old machine we had, but it feels more awkward or off balance to vacuum the steps with this one, I think because it is a taller machine. 13) The places to grab the unit for carrying up and downstairs allow for a balanced carry, but they aren't well-positioned for actually using the machine on the stairs. 14) Our old vacuum cleaner had a power cord that came out from the top of the unit just below the handle. This one has a cord that exits from the bottom. There is a clip just below the handle to hold the cord up out of the way, but I think it would have been better to have the cord come out above the hose area so the cord and hose don't have to overlap each other. The clip wouldn't be needed and you wouldn't have the probability of running over the cord as much if the cord were at the top of the unit. 15) At 15 inches, the front end of the nozzle is very wide, and it doesn't actually capture all of that width in the suction. The nozzle leaves about an inch of carpet on the sides and at the front of the nozzle unvacuumed. The front of the nozzle goes just under the edge of the couch and chair, but the area actually vacuumed is about 1/2 inch out from the edge of the furniture. I have to move the furniture to get that small strip, but sometimes I just want to run the vacuum quickly without shoving furniture around. The width is good for broad areas of carpet, but maneuvering the vacuum into narrower areas is impossible. I guess the style these days is for wider and wider nozzles, but I'd prefer a nozzle that is a couple inches narrower for getting around some of the furniture. 16) I don't particularly like the D-shaped handle because I can't control the cord as easily during use. With the straight handle of the old machine, I could just hold the cord and handle together in one hand. It's possible that a large hand could hold the cord in the lower part of the handle where there is a groove, but my hands are too small to hold the handle that way and be able to maneuver the machine. If the cord is in the clip, it works okay, but the cord is controlled better when I have it in my hand. I lose some cord length and hold the cord at the handle awkwardly instead. WISHLIST: 17) I would love to have a true powered tool, like canister vacs usually have, to do the stairs. The air-powered brush doesn't really agitate the carpet to bring up dirt from deeper layers, though it works well enough on the surface and the suction seems fine. 18) If it had the Dirt-Finder feature, better Edge Cleaning with a narrower nozzle (perhaps 12 or 13 inches), and a longer, stable wand, it would be practically perfect in every way.


Most Liked Negative Review


VERY disappointed

I did a fair amount of research before purchasing this vacuum. Supposedly it had high ratings! However, as others have stated, it clogs with dust between the plastic and the roller. I...Read complete review

I did a fair amount of research before purchasing this vacuum. Supposedly it had high ratings! However, as others have stated, it clogs with dust between the plastic and the roller. I called customer service and explained the issue. They said it was not a product defect, and not covered under warranty. I could still use the vacuum since there was no hazard of shock or fire. They would send me a handy "clean out tool" so I could take the vacuum apart after each use and clean out the dust clog! I am sorry -- but I have a different definition of a product defect than they do. If a vacuum that is supposed to have excellent suction has two of the three suction channels clog and you have to take it apart to clean it out after each use, THAT IS A PRODUCT DEFECT! I asked the customer service person I spoke with if she purchased a vacuum that had this issue, would she consider it a good product, or one with a defect? She skirted the issue despite a few attempts to get an answer. Hoover says they stand behind their products. Well, it sure does not seem that way. I won't buy another Hoover.

Reviewed by 118 customers

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Excellent product

By Mike288

from West Covina, CA, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

We have owned Hoover products for over 20 years. We recently purchased the Wind Tunnel upright and is a great buy. We have used it the past couple days and operates great. We will continue in invest in Hoover products.



By shortgrass

from Montana

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I can't believe how noisy this vacuum is. need earplugs


Hoover Customer for Life

By cgrant58

from Undisclosed

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

We bought this as a 2nd vacuum for our upstairs. We still have our 15 year old Hoover for our basement cleaning. Runs as strong as new.

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


I'm satisfied so far

By mar7

from Denver, CO

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I haven't used it for everything yet. I miss having a round brush tool to dust my furniture.


will always buy hoover

By beth51

from Ohio, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

My mothers Hoover lasted 26yrs, I sweep everyday due to daycare in my home so I needed something durable. I find something every day to clean easier with the attachments, and love the suction. So thankful I stuck with hoover.

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)



By Gary lan

from Maryland, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

Bought this about a year ago but not satisfied nog

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Adjust Light

By Wm D

from Texas, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

When operating handle is tilted back to run vacuum the light shines up away from the carpet surface. Suggest light angle be redesigned at present location to focus down to compensate for raised angle when unit in operation.


Durable machine

By Gild55

from LaBelle, Florida

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

This vacuum cleaner was given to me as a throw away by a woman that I worked for as her housekeeper. I was going to use it for parts when I realized it wasn't broken, it simply needed a new belt. I explained the issue but she bought a brand new cleaner already and said I could just keep this one. I must say that this machine really took a beating over the years. Her husband used it in his shop and she had multiple pets. I realize this is an older model and newer machines are on the market but this machine still works so well and suction is still strong. The pet features are awesome and the cost of bags and belts are affordable. Great product.


Hoover still the best!

By Golfman

from Milwaukee, WI, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

When it comes to vacuums, Hoover is still the best. I purchased this to replace a 15 year old Hoover, and the suction on this model is amazing. The long cord reaches most of my floor plan, and trust me on this, no dirt will be left behind. Everything you need in a vacuum is nicely packaged in this model!!


Perfect replacement

By Jerry 07

from Erie, PA, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

This was a replacement for a twelve year old vacuum that quit working. We wanted a replacement that was exactly the same and this vacuum was perfect. It has more power than our old vacuum and is as easy to use and push over our carpets.


Good suction

By Ruff

from Monmouth County, NJ, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

Seems to run and clean well. Deducted one star because cord retaining clip is way to small to get the heavy duty orange electric cord into it which makes the clip useless. Have to cable tie the cord to the handle to keep it up and out of the way.


Amazing suction

By Bob S

from Seattle, WA, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

My old Kirby finally died so I was skeptical that I could find something adequate to replace it. The Hoover WindTunnel Max has much better suction that I expected. I found that I had to raise the beaters above the carpet a bit since the suction was so intense at the lower settings that I could hardly push it. Also, when using the hose to vacuum stairs the suction is so intense the hose shrinks up. Wow. I do wish they had made the fittings out of heavier plastic. They feel a bit flimsy. You can't bear down on the tube when it is extended--the joint can't take it. I was a bit concerned that I had to dismantle the beater attachment the first time I used it to clean out a wood chip that jammed the gears. All-in-all an excellent buy for the money and SO much lighter than that old Kirby!




from CHINA, MI

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):



Design Flaw

By David G

from Orlando, FL, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I bought a Windtunnel Max in November 2016 as a replacement for an earlier version of the same product. We use it mainly on tiled floors for picking up cat litter! The old MAX worked really well, but the new one lacked the suction to pick up the litter. We took it to a repair shop and they replaced the main housing under warranty. It didn’t cure the problem. I put the old and new MAX machines side by side and realized that the new one sat higher than the old one, reducing the suction effect on hard floors. Upon further examination, I discovered that the new MAX has bigger front wheels making the front of the machine sit about 1/4� higher than the old MAX. I was able to exchange the wheels between the machines so that the new MAX would sit lower. That cured the problem and the new MAX with the old front wheels now does a great job picking up cat litter on tile floors! That means there is a design flaw in the newer version of the Windtunnnel MAX Model # UH30600.


Allergen stopper

By Ms Debra

from Nebraska

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

Bagged is the only way I would go, allergy has stopped, house dust has gone down, and I would recommend this one to anyone looking for a good vaccumm


Great vacuum with wonderful features and a very good price.

By Loree

from Western New York

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I am very happy with my new Hoover vacuum! I decided to go back to a vacuum with a bag because I hated the mess of emptying a bag less vacuum. The features on this model are very nice: the electrical cord is longer than on my Dyson. Also the attached hose for using the dusting brush is flexible and stretches to reach high areas. This is another feature that is much better than on my Dyson. The on/off switch is in a very good location on the handle. The suction power is great. The height adjustment works well too. I have everything from bare floors to a medium plush carpet in my home and the vacuum worked great on everything. Noise is about the same as most other vacuums I have had. My only negative comments are: the light is useless, because it is located too high to even light up the floor. Also I don't like the dusting/upholstery brush. I use mine to dust the walls in my log home and the bristles are too short. I solved this problem by buying two additional brush attachments with longer, softer bristles at an online site. I almost forgot to mention the power attachment is awesome, it works great on my stairs and upholstered furniture! Over my almost 40 years of marriage I have had several vacuums- everything from a canister to a Rainbow (that collected the dirt in a container of water), to bagged and bag less machines. I do believe this is the best vacuum I have ever owned and I still can't believe the great price!


Really sucks!!

By Miss Reggie

from Jackson, NJ

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

Light and powerful. Easily goes from carpet to wood floor. Easy to maneuver. The best Hoover I ever bought and have been using Hoovers for at least fifteen years.


Sorry Hoover... it is your worst model ever.


from Signal Hill, CA, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I have had this for over 1 year, a single person with a short haired dog. Beater bar is incredibly NOISY... Got rid of the Anniversary model for this and greatly regret it. The cornrow design of the brush also leaves markings in the carpet. IT is poorly designed in most ways that I use a vacuum, the tools placement and design at best poor. The suction is excellent, but depending on the carpet, will nosedive and eliminate motion. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I seriously can't believe you still offer this model (the Noise alone makes is a terrible choice) and that Consumer Reports still shows it with a favorable review (CR subscribers who have purchased it sure don't). After 40 years of Hoover's this will be my last.


Piece of trash!

By 7eeyore7

from Asheville, NC, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

Very very loud from day one. The belt broke before I even changed the bag for the first time. I replaced the belt, used it a few times, and the belt broke again. I replaced the belt again (having just put in the 2nd bag), and it refused to work: the beater bar didn't move at all!! It is going to the landfill. I am sorry I ever purchased this vacuum--what a waste of money!


Hoover vacuum

By Noise

from Undisclosed

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I bought this in June, 2016. It runs well and cleans well. The only thing that is a problem is that it makes a loud singing noise while vacuuming and gets louder when on a bare floor. I would like to know why it's makes this loud noise.

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Love this vacuum!

By Hacker

from Rockbridge, OH, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I love this sweeper. It has great features and attachments. We also love that it is a bagged vacuum not the messy bag less models. We have had one in our home for about 7 months. I just purchased another for use in our church.


Trying it out....

By Dmeangel25

from Undisclosed

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

Haven't had this vacuum very long but I had to trade it in because my other vacuum died. I already have the Hoover Carpet floor cleaner and I thought I should go with Hoover for the regular vacuum as well. Went with the bag because I'm tired of cleaning filters...we shall see. So far I am happy with the product. I love how the hose nozzle is long..... the cord is long and so far so good.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


easy to yse

By alice ann

from Shreveport, LA, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I bought this vacuum several months ago. I have never had a vacuum that has so much power. Is easy to handle. Was easy to put together. It even tells you when to change the bag. Also is a good value for the money.


Wow the suction power

By Eeyore

from Mendota, IL, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I just bought this product. Wow the suction was outstanding. This is actually my first time buying a hoover. My only complaint is the interlocking tube. Is a little short and wish it was metal. Thats the only reason why I did not give it 5 stars.


Satisfied Customer

By Rusted

from Concord, NC, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

Does a good job on all my different types of carpet.


furniture brush works great

By peggyneh

from Shavertown, PA, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

i only have the sweeper a few weeks but I am happy with performance so far,,i like the attachement and long hose,you can switc from carpet to hard wood by a foot switch, that switch is plastic hope it holds up


What else could you ask for?

By Lynn33

from Helena, AL, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I have been using Hoover vacuums for a long time. I recently purchased this model (C1703-900) and it is my favorite vacuum cleaner ever! It has great suction. I love that it is only 13" wide because it is so easy to use, it fits where others are just a little too wide and it is easy to carry. I also like the 35' power cord.


Works fantastic

By RobinC

from St Augustine, FL, United States

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

I bought it to replace a Eureka and I'm glad I did. It's doing a great job


Way Better Than Dyson

By Mom of 4 Dogs

from Seattle, WA

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

My husband, bless his heart, bought me a Dyson because he thought it "was the best" and it was just awful! I tried to get used to it for weeks but finally told him I want another Hoover Bagged Upright! The HEPA filters are the best and no dog hair floating everywhere when I empty the unit with the bag. Yay!


Don"t Buy

By dlr1272

from Warners, NY

Comments about Hoover Upright Windtunnel Max Vacuum (UH30600):

Purchased this model via another online retailer because it was a little cheaper - thought Hoover would be a quality product however this machine does not equal the quality of a comparable 15 yr. old Eureka bagged upright. Had three weeks before it had to be repaired under warranty at authorized repair shop - no vacuum for 2 weeks - when it was returned for the repair - bearings in beater bar were shot - since being repaired beater bar continues to rotate after being turned off and cannot use shut off for beater bar for bare floor use.

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