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About Small Engine Parts

Many small parts help outdoor power equipment run smoothly.   Ace can help you find the small engine parts and the mower replacement parts – from spark plugs to small engine mufflers, you need to keep your gear in peak performance.   

Small engines commonly found in gas trimmers, edgers and lawn mowers run with a mixture of fuel and 2 cycle oil.  Refer to the equipment’s owner manual to determine the optimal oil to gas ratio.  When mixed properly, the engine will burn fuel while getting lubrication from the oil component of the mixture.    

If it becomes difficult to start your equipment, you may need a new spark plug.  Spark plugs aid in starting your gas-powered equipment by helping ignite the engine fuel.  Without firing off properly, a worn or damaged spark plug can prevent your equipment from running all together.    

Many types of power equipment rely on v-belts to function properly. Typically made from rubber and other synthetic material, v-belts need to be replaced if they have heat damage making them weak or even causing them to split.    

Visit your neighborhood Ace for help finding replacement parts for your small engine.  You can also check out this outdoor power equipment guide for more insight on key motor components.