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Black and Decker

Our assortment of Black and Decker tools, equipment and other products can help you complete a range of projects. Find out which top-rated Black and Decker products are the best fit for the job with this helpful guide. 

Black and Decker Power Tools 

Choosing the right power tool for the task at hand can seem challenging. Here's more information about some of the most popular Black and Decker power tools to help you find the perfect product for small tasks and bigger projects: 


A high-powered Black and Decker drill can accomplish a lot around the workshop or home. Pick cordless drills for tasks away from an electric outlet, or choose corded Black and Decker drills for heavy-duty performance with a steady power supply.  

Circular Saws 

One of the most common Black and Decker products, a circular saw is capable of cutting steel, wood, masonry and ceramic tile with the right blade. Standard components of a Black and Decker circular saw include: 

  • A blade guard that keeps the blade covered when the tool is not in use. 
  • A foot plate that keeps the saw steady as it moves against the work piece. 
  • A depth adjustment that modifies to accommodate work pieces of varying thicknesses. 
  • A bevel adjustment that tilts the foot plate and blade for accomplishing beveled cuts.  


A Black and Decker jigsaw is a grand master of cutting an array of shapes into a variety of materials. With the right blades, this versatile tool is an ideal choice for cutting intricate shapes and making both compound and beveled cuts. 

Black and Decker Outdoor Power Equipment 

Select the best Black and Decker products to maintain your lawn. Here are just a few types of outdoor power equipment you'll discover in our extensive Black and Decker inventory: 


Whether trimming, pruning or cutting, accomplish the task with a Black and Decker chainsaw. The size and location of the project you'll be working on and what you'll need to cut will largely determine what type of chainsaw might best suit the job.   

Electric Edgers 

Create professional, sharp edges around walkways, driveways, landscape features and gardens with a Black and Decker electric edger that easily starts and doesn't require much maintenance. 


Keep a pristine appearance year-round with a Black and Decker push lawnmower. Tackle tough yardwork by opting for a mower that features up-to-the-edge cutting and mulching capabilities.   

Leaf Blowers 

Make lawn cleanup a quick and simple process with a leaf blower. Opt for a blower, mulcher and vacuum combo that offers increased capacity for leaf collection. Or, consider a handheld sweeper model that's designed to clear even stubborn debris for when grass clippings and leaves really start to pile up. 

Where to Find the Best Selection of Black and Decker Products 

Shop online, or head to your local Ace to get great savings on your favorite Black and Decker drills, tools and parts. Our helpful staff is happy to provide ideas and inspiration for all your upcoming projects, plus offer expert tips and advice for selecting the best power tools for your needs.