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Completing home maintenance tasks or projects around your home requires work that is sometimes out of your reach. Ace Hardware gives you a step up with our selection of Cosco step stools and ladders. Shop now to find the perfect Cosco folding ladder, step stool or convertible hand truck for your upcoming projects. 

Cosco Step Ladders 

Just like your toolbox, having a step stool or ladder on hand is essential to tackling tasks around your home in a safe and efficient manner. Whether you are trying to access items in a top cabinet, change an overhead light bulb or paint your home, Cosco step ladders from Ace Hardware get you easily within reach of the work while providing a more stable spot to stand until the job is complete. 

Choose a 2-step or 3-step Cosco ladder to reach lower distances, or pick a large step stool that stands up to five feet to successfully and safely reach certain areas in your home or garage. 

Cosco Folding Ladders 

Many Cosco ladders feature lightweight, foldable designs that make it easy to carry to the next task. When it’s not in use, these top-rated products stow away effortlessly without requiring a lot of space. Browse our full assortment of Cosco step ladders and stools to find the best folding design to reach every project. 

Helpful Cosco Ladder Features 

Ace Hardware makes it simple to find the right ladder for every task. Look for Cosco ladders featuring up to a 225-pound capacity to help haul yourself and your tools. Many also include large treaded steps for extra traction and support when climbing or standing. If you need paint or tools within reach, choose Cosco step stools with a project tray to hold all your supplies and help keep you safe. Each step stool or ladder includes leg tips that provide necessary traction for stability and safeguard your floors from marring and scratches when in use. 

Use Your Cosco Ladder Safely 

Stay safe when using your new Cosco ladder. To help ensure proper use and stay safe, follow these tips: 

  • Fully open and lock the ladder into place, rather than using it in the folded position. 
  • Place ladder on a level surface. 
  • Do not climb higher on the ladder than indicated by the "do not stand on or above this step" label. 
  • Maintain three points of contact when ascending or descending the ladder - that includes at least one of your hands. 
  • Keep your center of gravity between the side rails. 
  • Choose a ladder with the correct ANSI duty rating to suit your task. 
  • Do not exceed the weight limit of the ladder. 

Find the Best Cosco Products at Ace 

Shop a range of Cosco step stools, convertible hand trucks and folding tables online at Ace to find everything you need to complete all your projects. For more tips and advice on choosing the best ladders or step stools for your next task, head to your neighborhood store to speak to our helpful staff.