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Dremel Tools

Tackle jobs big and small with a new Dremel tool from Ace Hardware. Dremel tools efficiently handle a variety of home projects and professional jobs. Browse our collection of top-rated Dremel tools, accessories and kits to find the perfect products for your next task. 

Dremel Tools at Ace 

We carry a range of Dremel tools to help with projects from laser engraving to woodworking. Use this guide from the helpful staff at Ace to determine which tool you may need. 

Dremel Rotary Tools vs. Oscillating Tools 

A rotary or oscillating tool from Dremel is a great addition to any toolbox, allowing you to work on projects around the home or enjoy your favorite hobbies. Learn about the differences between rotary and oscillating Dremel tools with the following information. 

Dremel Rotary Tools 

Rotary tools function by spinning a wheel, drum or bit at a high rate of speed. They are used for tasks that require a high level of accuracy. At Ace, we offer big savings on Dremel accessories and attachments to help you complete your next project with the right supplies. Some things you can do with Dremel rotary tools and accessories include the following: 

  • Polish materials 
  • Etch glass 
  • Route, carve and engrave wood 
  • Cut designs in materials 
  • Remove grout 
  • Strip paint and varnish 
  • Remove rust 
  • Sharpen chainsaw blades 
  • Cut drywall  

Dremel Oscillating Tools 

While rotary and oscillating tools can essentially handle many of the same tasks, an oscillating tool may be far more advantageous for some projects. This is because oscillating tools are designed to help make bigger tasks simpler. Dremel oscillating tools function by moving a blade or pad in a fast, back-and-forth motion. A Dremel oscillating tool allows you to do the following tasks: 

  • Sand 
  • Undercut door casings for installing new floors 
  • Cut PVC pipes 
  • Scrape off old paint 
  • Remove caulk and grout 
  • Create cutouts for switches, floor vents and outlets 

Choosing the Best Dremel Tool 

A Dremel tool is known for its versatility and durability. In addition to determining whether a rotary or oscillating Dremel might best suit your needs, consider the following factors: 


Some Dremel tools are portable and run on batteries, while corded products require an electric source to work. If you prefer the convenience of a cordless model, consider purchasing a spare battery so you'll have more time to work on projects. 

Dremel Accessories 

While you can buy Dremel rotary and oscillating tools individually, a Dremel tool kit bundles multiple blades, wheels and bits together to help you get started with any project. If you work on a variety of different tasks regularly, purchase a Dremel tool that comes with multiple accessories. If the need arises, you can also buy replacements or new accessories separately, too. 


Most Dremel tools come with a case. If you purchase a Dremel kit that comes with a lot of pieces, a case offers an easy way to keep your tools and Dremel accessories together in one place. 

Find Everything You Need at Ace 

Whether your to-do list includes cutting, polishing, carving, drilling or sanding, the right Dremel kit can meet your needs. Get big savings on Dremel tool kits and accessories at Ace Hardware online, or head to your neighborhood store to get expert tips, advice and project inspiration from our helpful staff. We’ll help make it easier to find the best rotary tools and other products to complete your upcoming projects.