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Get easy access to your garage, storage space or attic by shopping Ace Hardware's large selection of quality Louisville attic ladders. Use this helpful guide to find the best product from the Louisville Ladder Company for your home. 

Choosing the Right Louisville Attic Ladder 

Louisville attic stairs are designed to pull down from your ceiling and provide easy access to your attic space, then fold up into the frame of your ceiling when not being used. Installing a Louisville ladder in your attic can make every trip up and down safer, easier and faster. 

Most Louisville ladders for attics are available as pre-assembled kits that are made for easy installation. When choosing an attic ladder from the Louisville ladder company, consider the following: 

Know Your Dimensions 

Since your attic ladder will be installed in your ceiling, making sure there's enough space in your ceiling and surrounding areas for the new ladder is highly important. Select a Louisville attic ladder that will fit the space you have by measuring the following three spaces: 

1. Opening Size 

Measure both the length and width of the ceiling's rough opening. Standard openings are 22.5 inches by 54 inches, but some homes have different sizes. 

2. Floor to Ceiling Height 

Many Louisville attic ladders can be adjusted to fit a wide array of ceiling heights, but it's important to know your exact measurement before making a purchase. Verify your ceiling height by measuring the distance between your floor and ceiling. 

3. Landing Clearance 

The correct amount of landing clearance is key to being able to extend your attic stairs for safe climbing. To verify how much landing clearance you have, measure the amount of space that's available for where the ladder will land when extended, from the back of the opening towards the front. 

Pick a Suitable Attic Ladder Material 

Attic ladders are available in multiple types of materials, including steel, wood and aluminum. While wooden attic ladders might last for a long time, they may be more subject to the effects of temperature changes, moisture and natural defects. 

Since an attic space is prone to fluctuating temperatures and high humidity levels over the years, many homeowners opt to install Louisville aluminum attic ladders because of their lightweight and strong properties. Traditional Louisville aluminum attic ladders include the following features: 

  • Fireproof treatments 
  • Rust-resistant materials 
  • Adjustable shoes 
  • Slip-resistant cross tread steps for increased safety 
  • A 375-pound working load capacity 
  • Ergonomic T-handles for effortless opening and closing 

Where to Find Louisville Attic Ladders 

The Louisville Ladder Company brand is synonymous with quality. A Louisville attic ladder is an economical storage solution that can typically be installed within a day with basic materials and tools. Reclaim your attic for extra storage space by browsing the selection of Louisville attic ladders at Ace Hardware. 

View our assortment of attic ladders online today from the comfort of your own home. Or, visit your neighborhood Ace store to speak to one of our qualified, helpful associates about selecting a new Louisville ladder for your attic.