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Utility Pumps

Keep your home safe from flooding with utility pumps and water transfer pumps from Ace Hardware. Whether you need to pump excess condensation away from your heating system or remove standing water from your basement, Ace offers the latest tools to get the job done. 

Submersible Utility Pump 

When there is standing water that needs to be removed, a submersible utility pump will let you quickly get rid of it. Ace carries the best brands that maximize longevity and are easy to use. No real installation is typically required for these types of pumps — simply attach the discharge hose and drop it into the water. 

Our submersible utility pumps come in a range of different horsepower ratings for different water moving tasks. With high lift capabilities and water removal down to within a fraction of an inch, our products will help you remove standing water, drain your aquarium or tank, empty clogged tubs or sinks, and increase water pressure.  

Look for the following features in some of our submersible water pumps: 

  • High lift ratings 
  • Superior flow rates 
  • Garden hose adaptability 
  • Corrosion resistance 
  • Thermoplastic motor housing 
  • Automatic debris filtering 
  • Automatic activation with the presence of water 
  • Oil-free operation 
  • Unattended operation 

Utility Sink Pumps 

Pump drainage from your utility sink with a high-quality utility sink pump. Whether you are rinsing paint brushes or cleaning mops, our selection of utility sink pumps offers worry-free reliability with the ability to process debris in water. 

Electric Water Transfer Pumps 

Empty a flooded basement, pump water out of a boat hull and remove condensation from your HVAC system with a high-quality electric water transfer pump from Ace. Ideal for a wide range of needs, our electric water transfer pumps are perfect for irrigating lawns or simply for increasing water pressure. Choose from top brands including Ace, Wayne and more to find the perfect transfer pump for the task. 

Look for the following features among our selection of water transfer pumps: 

  • Cast iron or plastic body 
  • A variety of horsepower ratings 
  • Line pressure increases of 50 psi 
  • Strainer filters for debris 
  • High maximum flow rates 

Portable Utility Water Pumps 

Hunters and outdoors enthusiasts will find a portable utility water pump useful. It's perfect for pumping water out of unwanted places or for water transfer purposes like washing off a vehicle. Designed to work off of a vehicle 12VDC power outlet, our portable utility water pumps come with some of the following options: 

  • Stainless steel pump head 
  • Steel motor cover 
  • Convenient for carrying 
  • Easy compatibility with garden hoses 
  • Slip-resistant footing 

Utility Water Pump Parts 

Ace also stocks a wide range of utility pump parts for replacement and quick repair. Find valves, gauges, switches, storage tanks and more on our online store. 

Head to Ace for the Best Utility Pump Products 

Shop online to find great deals on utility pumps and accessories. For expert tips and advice on the right utility pump for your next task, head to your neighborhood Ace Hardware to speak to our helpful staff today.