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There's much more to home lighting than plain white lights. Colored light bulbs and color-changing light bulbs create visual interest and appeal and offer many practical benefits, as well. How can you use them to the best effect? Learn about your options and get fun lighting ideas here!

Outdoor Lighting 

Colored lights are especially useful for outdoor spaces. Softer than white lights, colored light bulbs can brighten up gathering areas or dark corners of your yard without destroying the atmosphere. Their gentler glow also causes less disturbance to neighbors and local wildlife.

If you combine colored bulbs with an automatic movement sensor as part of a security system, they may help deter intruders without lighting up the night too brightly. 

Parties and Celebrations 

Color bulbs are also great for indoor gatherings and occasions, giving any room a nightlife-inspired vibe. Our party bulbs can be used in ordinary fittings, making them ideal for home gatherings, office parties or even commercial events.

For more impact, choose color-changing light bulbs with constantly varying hues for a disco feel, or opt for bulbs that can switch modes between bright white and bold color. Both are guaranteed to liven up any occasion.

Dramatic Decor Effects 

With colored bulbs, lighting effects can become an integral part of your home's decor, letting you easily switch between different looks. Use soft blue back-lighting against the walls for an elongating effect or a central red bulb to give the same room a drastically different appearance.

What's more, with today's smart home technology, you can easily switch between effects and themes with a simple voice command, or program lighting changes to a schedule throughout the day.

Setting the Mood 

The color of a room's light has a major impact on the mood and atmosphere it generates. Light bulb colors can create vastly different feelings, for example:

  • Red creates warmth, energy and a feeling of relaxed companionship. 
  • Yellow offers similar warmth to red but also inspires a sense of activity.
  • Blue promotes calmness and a feeling of security. 
  • Green is easy on the eye and generates a sense of harmony and balance.
  • Purple stimulates creativity, problem-solving and inventive thought. 

For even more fun, choose an LED color-changing light bulb to get a bunch of colors in one!

Using colored light bulbs is an interesting way to develop mood, but it can be genuinely useful in everyday life, too. For example, a red or yellow light in the morning can give you the energy burst you need to get the day started, while a green glow in the evening can become a routine part of winding down toward sleep.

It's important to remember that you don't need to light up your entire room like a neon sign to create these effects. Using color bulbs as accents and highlights can subtly change the whole feel of a room without being overwhelming.

LED Bulbs for Savings 

Lastly, it's not all about color, drama and mood. Our range offers the latest LED technology to promote longer bulb life and less energy use for an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option.

If you need help with any aspect of lighting, from residential light bulbs to party light bulbs and beyond, please contact us or come into your local Ace store where our expert staff is always on hand to assist you.