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About Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers use pressure and high temperatures to cook food quickly.  It’s important to read the owner’s manual carefully before preparing your meals to ensure safe operation.  Once you know how to operate your pressure cooker, you can begin preparing your favorite dishes in less time, with tender and savory results.  

Water bath pressure canners operate on the same basis as pressure cookers – using water, pressure and heat to quickly cook and seal meats, fruits and vegetables in their canning jars.  Stainless steel pressure canners are durable, easy to clean and can be used on standard and smooth stove surfaces.  And pressure cooker canners that serve both cooking and canning functions are available as well.  Steam canners function similarly to their water bath counterparts, but require less water to create the temperatures necessary to kill common food bacteria and heat up quicker.    

Preparing your favorite foods and canning in high quantities gets a whole lot quicker when using pressure cookers and canners. For canning advice, check out this step-by-step canning guide.