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About Ceiling Fan Boxes & Supports

Air conditioning can keep your home cool in the spring and summer months, but it can also drive your electrical bill up to unbelievable amounts. Luckily, ceiling fans can make your room cool in just a matter of minutes, and at a fraction of the price. At Ace, you'll find a variety of ceiling fan supplies to repair your current fans, plus several easy-to-install fan boxes to make adding new ceiling fans as simple as possible.

How to Install a Ceiling Box Fan

Installing a ceiling fan mounting box in your home sounds more difficult than it really is. To start, think about the features you need and where you'll be placing your new fan.

Use these tips to pick the right ceiling fan box for your home:

  • Consider the placement of your ceiling fan. Ceiling fan boxes with old work braces are ideal between joists and areas where they will mostly be hidden from view.
  • Look for a round ceiling fan box for a fan that will be mounted to the ceiling. These are best for spaces like bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms where all parts of the fan will be exposed.
  • Know the size for your ceiling fan. Round and octagon-shaped ceiling boxes that are about four inches are common if you won't be using an old work brace style.

Helpful Hint: You can also find adjustable steel bars for repairs. If you're working with an old work brace type and you don't need to replace or re-wire electrical boxes, we recommend picking up options with adjustable steel bars.

Ceiling Fan Placement

Where you put your ceiling fan is just as important as getting the right stuff to support and wire it up.

Use these tips to place your ceiling fan in the right area so it has the maximum impact on your bedroom, living room or even your patio:

  • Place your ceiling fan as close to the center of your room as possible. All fan blades should be at least 18 inches from the nearest wall.
  • Don't hang your fan too low. A ceiling fan should never be less than seven feet off the ground. If you have a very low ceiling, look for a low-profile fan.
  • Choose the right size.
  • Rooms under 100 square feet can get by with 29' fans.
  • Larger rooms between 100 square feet and 225 square feet should use ceiling fans between 42 and 52 inches.
  • Big rooms up to 400 square feet should use fans between 56 and 60 inches.

The right ceiling fan can help you stay comfortable at home and reduce energy bills in the summer.

 Shop Ace Hardware to find the ceiling fan boxes, supports and ceiling fan fixtures that fit your needs.