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Attracting birds and other wildlife to your yard encourages a thriving ecosystem, benefiting both you and the local critters. Birds can help reduce problems from gardening pests like snails, keep biting bugs under control, and provide hours of simple pleasure from watching their daily behavior.

The range of wildlife products at Ace includes the outdoor bird supplies and accessories you need to attract a varied bird and wildlife population to your yard.

Wild Bird and Squirrel Feeders 

We carry a full range of feeders that are equal parts decorative and practical. With simple seed dispensers and corncob holders, squirrel proof bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, Oriole feeders and multiple-port tube feeders, it's easy to cater to wild birds of all species and all feeding habits. 

If you have squirrels, chipmunks or other critters in your area, you don't need to leave them out of the feast. Fill one of our dedicated squirrel feeders with squirrel food, and not only will you give your furry friends a welcome meal, but you'll help keep them away from the bird feeders, too. For extra safety, our squirrel baffles and other protection accessories keep your outdoor bird feeders safe from even the most determined backyard critters.

Bird Feeding Supplies 

Of course, feeders need filling with the right types of wildlife food. To attract the widest range of birds and other wildlife, try to offer as large a selection as you can. Our bird supply store includes feeds suitable for all the major species in your region.

  • Millet: This is a favorite of ground-feeding birds such as sparrows, doves, towhees and quail. Scatter it on a low-hanging tray feeder to attract the most visitors.
  • Suet: Packed with energy for the colder months, suet appeals to a wide range of bird species, including woodpeckers, nuthatches and starlings.
  • Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower seeds are economical, nourishing and especially loved by finches, jays and cardinals.
  • Peanuts: This nutty snack appeals to larger birds such as ravens, crows and jays. 
  • Hummingbird Food: As a source of highly concentrated energy, nectar sucrose, or hummingbird nectar, is an excellent way to tempt a visit from any hummingbirds living nearby.

With many more feed types available from cracked corn to thistle seed, Ace makes it easy to offer up a banquet for all your avian visitors and critter friends.

Wild Bird Accessories 

Wild birds may come to your yard for the food, but our products include other accessories to entice them to stick around.

We stock bird houses made from wood, natural fiber, metal and plastic in a range of designs that can blend in or stand out. For the colder months, our birdbath deicers and water agitators help ensure a supply of fresh water, a vital part of wild bird wellbeing in the winter.

Birdseed scoops and dispensers to make it easy for you to keep up with food-filling duties, while specially designed cleaning brushes help with hygiene. Our bird food preserver keeps the feed fresh and mold-free to reduce waste.

Lastly, bird nesting fiber feeders and refills provide the raw materials for building warm and comfortable nests, hopefully turning dinner guests into permanent residents.

A busy backyard can provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment. If you need any advice on making your yard more bird-friendly, head to your local Ace store for helpful tips.