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When it comes to searing the perfect steaks, charring mouth-watering veggies and grilling delicious chickens, having the right grill tools is an absolute necessity. The selection of grilling utensils at Ace Hardware is designed to improve your cooking experience from the moment you fire up the grill.

Read on to learn about what features you should think about when purchasing new grill tools.

What to Look for in Complete Grill Sets

Whenever you're grilling, you need the ability to transfer your food to and from the grill without piercing it or letting it slip. You also need to remove burnt-on pieces of food from the grates after you're finished cooking.

Purchasing a BBQ tool set can help take the guesswork out of making sure you have the basics necessary for preparing for every grilling adventure. When deciding on which BBQ set might best suit your needs, here are a few basic tools to look for:

  • Tongs: One of the most basic BBQ tools, tongs are included in nearly all BBQ sets. These grill tools can be used to transfer food to and from the grill and turn food as it cooks.
  • Spatulas: Useful for turning delicate items like fish, veggies and burgers, spatulas allow for easy lifting and transportation of your favorite grilled foods. 
  • Basting brushes: The application of marinades or sauces to food as it's grilling is a key to producing deep layers of flavor. Basting meats and veggies periodically can prevent food from drying out, too. 
  • Forks: These handy grill tools can be used for moving food around on the grill while it's cooking or checking on how well the meat's cooking. 

How to Choose the Best Individual Grill Tools

A proper grill set is a great start to improving your grilling experience. However, you can also purchase each of the pieces individually and find additional tools to take your grilling skills to the next level.

Sturdy Grill Brushes

The secret to successful grilling is having the right grill cleaning brush. If you keep your grates clean, your food will have grill marks and release easily, which is particularly important if you're grilling poultry or fish. Discover wooden grill scrapers that make grill maintenance quick and easy without leaving anything behind, or look for grill scrapers with heavy-duty stainless-steel bristles that won’t bend or break off. Grill cleaning brushes with three rows of brushes can be more effective at cleaning hard-to-reach areas between grates, too.

Digital Meat Thermometers

A digital meat thermometer is a worthy investment for any type of cooking. This grill tool tests the temperature of the meat to ensure your food is safely cooked without the risk of overcooking. Certain types of digital meat thermometers are app-connected, which allow you to easily monitor the cooking temperatures of different cuts of meats from beginning to end. These thermometers are designed to send notifications to your smart device once your meat has reached the ideal temperature.

Grill Smoker Boxes

Instantly transform your grill into a smoker with a compatible grill smoker box. Most grill smoker boxes have precision-cut holes that are strategically placed to ensure even smoke and heat distribution, making the process of smoking beef, chicken, turkey, fish and other cuts of meat much simpler.

Whether you're shopping for an individual BBQ tool or a complete grill tool set, we've got you covered. Shop for your new grill tools at Ace Hardware now. Then, keep your grill protected against the elements by checking out our selection of grill covers.