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When camping, hunting, fishing or simply enjoying the great outdoors, a trusty knife is among the most useful tools. Ace Hardware carries a large selection of hunting and tactical knives to help you accomplish any task. Shop for quality-made fixed blade knives, folding knives and Swiss pocket knives from trusted brands like Buck, Victorinox Swiss Army, Case and Gerber. 

Sporting Knives Guide

Knives have been around for centuries, and today's market includes a wide array of different styles and functions to choose from. If you’re in the market for a new folding knife or fixed blade knife, learn about some of the more common models to help you make your decision.

Small Pocket Knives

Are you searching for a pocket knife suitable for everyday carrying? Look for lightweight small pocket knives that balance a compact design and functionality. Many of these folding knives are equipped with multiple blades of different sizes, making them a great option for detailed work. 
Keep an eye out for features like:

  • Handles with vibrant colors that make it easy to locate the knife if you accidentally drop it.
  • Clip and spey blades that provide multipurpose function.
  • Lockback mechanisms that combine the strength and precision of a fixed blade knife with the portability of a folding knife.

Tactical Knives

If your goal is to find a knife designed for self-defense, tactical knives are often dark in color to aid in concealment. A fixed blade design provides extra stability, while a tactical pocket knife is easy to carry for the portability you need. Many folding models also have assisted opening features for quick access.

Multi-Tool Pocket Knives

If you're on the hunt for a pocket knife that offers pretty much anything you'd need in a survival situation, a multi-tool pocket knife is a great option. Also referred to as a Swiss pocket knife, a multi-function knife often includes a variety of useful tools like a screwdriver, can opener, tweezers, a toothpick and one or two blades. Due to the convenience and often sleek design of a multi-tool pocket knife, it's often used in camping settings.

Hunting Knives

Traditionally used for cutting, hunting knives usually have a single sharpened edge. Hunting knives can be used during hunting, for preparing meat to be cooked and for skinning and boning game. When exploring our collection of folding hunting knives, look for popular features, including:

  • A steel clip to keep it on your person within easy reach.
  • One-hand opening features to quickly access the blade.
  • Rubberized handles that offer a solid grip in all conditions.

Some hunters prefer the solid feel of a fixed blade with a guard while in the wilderness, so you may want to carry both types of knives on your next hunting expedition.

Camping Knives

Also commonly called a survival pocket knife, a camping knife can be useful for clearing vegetation, preparing meals and tackling general camping chores. Many camping knives have fixed blades that stay in place, and their blade sizes often range between 6 and 10 inches.

Purchase the knives you need for all your hunting, tactical and camping activities. Browse the full selection of pocket knives at Ace Hardware online, or visit your neighborhood Ace store to see the knives in-person. Then, make the most out of every outdoor adventure by exploring our line of camping goods including cots, cooking fuel, water carrier, and roasting sticks.