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Traeger Grill Accessories

Become a master griller with the best assortment of Traeger accessories from Ace Hardware. Our collection of Traeger grill accessories is designed to add versatility and convenience every time you grill. The next time you're having a cookout or turning out an incredible weekday meal for the family, make sure you have these essential Traeger accessories so you can grill like a pro.

Maintain the Perfect Grilling Temperature

For the grilling enthusiast, nothing's better than the aroma of fresh meats cooking on the grill, and nothing's worse than realizing you've under-cooked or burnt your food. Shop Traeger accessories like thermometers and thermostat kits to ensure your chicken, burgers, steaks and other foods are grilled, seared and barbecued to the perfect temperature. Stainless-steel probes stay inside meats as they cook, making checking internal temperatures simple. Look for digital thermometers featuring Advanced Grilling Logic to ensure precise, consistent cooking every time you fire up your grill.

Grill with the Right Traeger Tools

Our inventory of premium Traeger grill accessories includes a variety of stainless-steel tools like grill forks, basting mops, tongs and spatulas. For making sensational kebabs, a set of steel skewers gives plenty of room to assemble all the veggies and meats you love the most. Turn your grill into a pizza oven with a pizza grill kit, complete with a ceramic stone that helps you fire up pizza perfection. For mouthwatering chicken that’s tender and full of flavor, pick out a chicken roaster, marinade injector and basting mop from our collection of Traeger grill accessories.

Grill Add-Ons

Traeger accessories include multiple steel grill racks, baskets and smoker grates to help you cook like a true pit master. With a variety of available sizes to fit any type of Traeger grill, take your grilling game to another level with the following accessories:

  • Grill rack: Easy to add and remove, these grill racks provide extra cooking space when you need it. Porcelain-coated steel construction ensures increased protection against rusting and corrosion.
  • Grill basket: Cook foods that are prone to slipping through grill grates with one of these top-rated baskets. Simply place the grill basket on top of the grill to easily cook sliced veggies, seafood and smaller cuts of meat while keeping the internal components of your grill cleaner.
  • Smoker shelf: Use one of our nickel-plated steel smoke shelves to allow smoke to encircle all the meats and veggies you're grilling with two cooking elevations.

Additional Traeger Accessories

Our range of Traeger grill accessories also includes an assortment of supplies to make grilling, roasting and searing a breeze. Easily ignite your Traeger pellet grill with a Traeger stainless-steel hot rod. The device effortlessly lights pellet fuel with the flip of a switch and keeps the fire burning hot. Keep all your grilling essentials on hand while saving space by opting for a multi-tool featuring a spatula, pigtail, corkscrew and basting brush. Every time you cook with extreme temperatures, use a pair of durable yet flexible barbecue mitts to protect you from the heat.

Whether you're an on-the-weekend or professional griller, load up with the best Traeger accessories to turn out deliciously grilled burgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak and veggies. Head to Ace to learn more about our Traeger accessories by speaking to one of our helpful staff members, or visit us online to find your favorites. After shopping for grill accessories, explore Traeger's grill covers for a way to preserve and protect your grill.