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Weber Charcoal Grills

Cook delicious burgers, juicy steaks, game-day hot dogs and yummy veggies to perfection with a new Weber charcoal grill from Ace Hardware. With the ultimate grilling machine, mastering the art of grilling for special occasions and creating delicious, everyday meals are as simple as lighting the fire on your charcoal grill. 

We have the charcoal smokers, portable charcoal grills and all of the accessories you need to become a true grill master. Find charcoal barbecue grills that can handle everything from grilling to smoking your favorite foods online now. 

The Benefits of a Charcoal Grill 

While electric and gas grills come with a variety of advantages, if you appreciate a classic, flame-broiled flavor, a charcoal grill from Weber is simply the way to go. Cooking with a charcoal grill creates a more authentic experience. Control the heat, enjoy the crackle of the fire and focus on the entire cooking process, and you’ll be able to create foods with delicious, mouthwatering flavors. Grilling with charcoal may take a bit more effort than other types of grills, but it may be well worth the extra time to add that smoky quality to your favorite meats. 

Charcoal Grill Buying Guide 

There's nothing quite like the combination of enjoying the great outdoors while smelling the delectable aroma of fresh-grilled foods. A Weber charcoal grill makes the perfect addition to tailgating parties, camping adventures and backyard entertaining. When purchasing a new charcoal grill or smoker, understanding the different styles of Weber charcoal grills and what each type can do is important. No matter your level of grilling experience, use this convenient charcoal grill buying guide to select the charcoal barbecue grill that's right for you. 


A larger, heavier grill is a great addition as the focal point of your backyard. However, a portable charcoal grill provides a must-have solution for all of your on-the-go grilling adventures such as tailgating and picnicking.  


Are you cooking for a few friends on a small balcony or patio? Do you love cooking for the entire neighborhood in your massive backyard? Choose a Weber charcoal grill that suits your grilling needs and fits your space. 

Charcoal Grills vs. Charcoal Smokers 

With grilling, the ability to cook on direct heat means that your food will be ready quickly. However, unless you're closely watching the grill at all times, your food can easily burn or overcook. Smoking is a process in which meats are cooked at a much lower temperature for an extended period of time. A charcoal smoker is a great option for larger cuts of meats like brisket and ham while charcoal grilling may be a better option for smaller cuts of meat like chicken and fish. 

Your family and friends will love the delicious food you prepare on your new charcoal grill. Ace Hardware has everything you need to become a grilling pro. Get big savings on Weber kettle grills, portable charcoal grills and charcoal smokers online or at your neighborhood Ace store. Or, for a more convenient grilling option, explore our selection of natural gas and propane Weber grills