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Patch & Hole Repair 

Take on any renovation project with patch and repair supplies from Ace Hardware. Fix up sheetrock, drywall, wood and more common materials with top-rated products from the best brands. Browse our collection of wall patches and repair products to find the right supplies for your next project. 

Patching Materials and Fillers 

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, Ace helps make it easier to find the perfect products to patch and repair everything from walls to furniture. Use these tips to find everything you need for the task at hand: 

  • Look for spackling compounds for small to medium-sized repair jobs. Ideal for repairing nail holes and other minimal damage, spackling compounds are easy to use for homeowners and pros alike. 
  • Make quick work of nail holes with ready-to-use nail filler. White coloring makes applying touch-up paint simple. 
  • Use sheetrock joint compound to seal joints between layers of drywall. White to off-white colors are available. Easy-sand options are ideal for small building jobs and repairs. Look for small tubs and multi-gallon containers to get the right quantity for the job. 
  • Cover seams with adhesive drywall tape. Non-adhesive varieties can be held in place with traditional drywall joint compound.  
  • Find wood filler for floors, walls and furniture. A variety of options for different types of wood and finishes are available. 
  • Buy all-purpose stucco patch for small and large jobs. White stucco patch is easy to paint once set.  
  • Fix commercial floors with pre-mixed floor patch. Most varieties work on plywood, concrete and vinyl flooring.  
  • Shop for a universal repair filler product. These work to repair small holes in drywall, plaster, wood or metal. Look for easy-sand varieties to save time. 
  • Browse specialty products for unique jobs. Compounds like popcorn ceiling spray texture make quick work of tough tasks.  

Not sure how to patch a hole your walls? Use this step-by-step guide to find out what tools you need and learn how to take care of business. 

Essential Patch and Repair Tools 

  • Patch, fill and fix anything with essential patch and repair tools. Consider picking up some of the following tools to make the job easier: 
  • Shop for a putty knife for repairing nail holes and minor cracks to drywall. Basic plastic models as well as more durable options like metal and carbon steel are available. Look for different edge types for more complicated repairs. 
  • Pick up a plastic adhesive spreader for quick jobs. These are ideal for filling soft wood and materials that a metal putty knife could scratch. 
  • Opt for an oversized joint knife for drywall, sheetrock and plaster work. These can also be used for filling cracks and larger holes in interior and exterior walls. 
  • Add a wood pencil to your repair arsenal. Available in many different colors, wood pencils can quickly cover dings, scrapes and scuffs so they're nearly invisible to the naked eye. Scratch-removers, filler kits and putty sticks can also help you make fast repairs. 

Fix damaged walls, nail holes, unsightly scratches and more with patch and repair supplies from Ace Hardware. We've got everything you need to complete your next project.