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Find the perfect toilet for your bathroom in the selection of toilets and toilet accessories at Ace. Whether you're building a new bathroom, renovating an old one or simply replacing a toilet, we provide a look at standard bathroom toilet features to help you choose the right fixture for your space.

Choosing the Right Toilet

When you're shopping for a new bathroom toilet, there are a few key features to explore before you settle on a design. Follow these simple steps to find the perfect fit for your home or corporate space:

1.Measure Your Space

If you're replacing a toilet, take note of the size and design to help you find a similar fit. Check the height, length and shape of your toilet bowl to be sure any new fixture will fit comfortably in your bathroom. 

2.Choose the Toilet Bowl Height

The average toilet bowl has a height of 14 or 15 inches, but other styles are available to suit your needs. Some toilets stand at 16 or 17 inches and are a popular choice for taller people or those who experience discomfort when sitting on low seats. 

3.Pick a Bowl Shape

We offer a variety of toilets in round and elongated bowl styles to fit your bathroom. The classic round-front style is slightly smaller and ideal for more compact spaces, while a more elongated design offers a comfortable alternative with a little more space to sit. 

4.Browse Flush Strengths

Make sure your toilet stays clean and clear with the right flush strength. Commercial toilets with a high volume of traffic typically require a stronger flush power, while home bathrooms can work comfortably with a wider range of flush strengths. 

5.Explore Efficiency Options

Not all toilets are equally water efficient. We offer a range of innovative brands to help you save water and money. Shop standard toilet models as well as low-flow flush options and dual-flush designs to maximize your water efficiency.

6.Shop Urinal Choices

Update your commercial bathroom space or add a little more convenience to your home bathroom with urinals from Ace. We offer a selection of classic wall-mount designs to upgrade any men's bathroom. 

Toilet Parts and Accessories

Once you've found the perfect toilet to fit your space, explore toilet accessories to complete your plumbing. Find convenient accessories to add to your new complete toilet, or browse toilet parts to help repair or improve the function of your existing appliance. 

  • Fix your flush: If your toilet is having difficulty flushing effectively, it may be time to replace part of the flush mechanism. We offer universal flappers and toilet fill valves that are easy to install as well as do-it-yourself toilet repair kits for simple home fixes. 
  • Fix your leaky toilet: Prevent water waste or messy leaks with great prices on essential toilet parts like wax rings, bowl-to-tank bolts and more. 
  • Upgrade your toilet: Improve the function of your toilet with parts and accessories from top plumbing brands. Find quiet-fill valves to upgrade noisy toilets, or explore new levers to give your toilet a clean and modern look. 

Find everything you need for your home or commercial bathroom with plumbing options from Ace Hardware. Shop a wide variety of toilets and toilet accessories, then explore bathroom tubs, showers and shower accessories for stylish, functional fixtures with great quality and value.