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Simple Lighting

Don't get
burnt out

Switch to LED

More energy efficient

LED bulbs only need 10-20% of the energy incandescents do.

Longer lasting

LED bulbs can last 100,000 hours at full brightness. That’s 11 years!


LED bulbs run cool, so no more burnt fingers.
Simple Home Safety

Keep your
home safe

Helpful reminders for you to get started

Check your smoke detector

Test all smoke alarms at least once a month.

Check your fire extinguishers

Look for a fire extinguisher that has a gauge which tells you when to replace it

Test for mold

Exposure to molds can be associated with asthma, headaches, immune disorders, sinus infec-tions, skin rashes and allergies
Simple Plumbing


Try these easy fixes for common problems

Water in your overflow?

Adjust the fill level by tweaking the screw at the top of the fill valve

Chain too tight?

Move the hook up a link or two to allow the flapper to close.

Bad flapper?

Simply remove it, and snap in a new one.
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