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Hanging light fixtures offer a high-end look and unique style. Upgrade any room in your home by shopping the variety of pendant light fixtures at Ace Hardware. Learn about the types, materials, styles and bulb options available to make the right decision for you.

What are Hanging Light Fixtures?

Hanging ceiling lights are among the most popular and widely-used styles of lighting options. Pendant light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling by chains, cords or metal rods. Since they're mounted from the ceiling, they can be installed in virtually any room throughout the home.

Pendant ceiling lights are incredibly versatile because they can be used to aim direct light down onto a surface or to provide broader ambient lighting. Ceiling pendants are often used for decorative and task lighting, too.

Common Types of Hanging Ceiling Lights

When decorating with new ceiling pendants, considering the layout and design scheme of your existing space is important. To help you narrow down your choice, here are a few common styles of hanging ceiling lights and ideas on how you may be able to integrate them into your home:

Drum Ceiling Pendants

Drum pendant light fixtures feature drum-shaped shades. Some designs have more than one bulb and emit bright lighting similar to the light produced by traditional chandeliers.

Bowl Hanging Light Fixtures

Pendants with bowl-shaped shades often have open tops and broad bases that allow light to radiate without restriction, making them an ideal lighting solution for larger spaces like dining and living rooms. Some bowl pendant light fixtures point up to ensure more subtle lighting, while others point down to concentrate lighting over a broader area.

Bell Pendant Ceiling Lights

Designed with distinctive bell-shape, bell pendant ceiling lights are often seen in prominent places like entryways, foyers and kitchen islands. These ceiling pendants typically offer a rustic, industrial feel to rooms and many types are compatible with LED dimmable bulbs and dimmer switches to provide a customized lighting solution.

Mini Pendant Light Fixtures

With their smaller design, mini pendant light fixtures are often installed in groups of two or three, either at the same height for clean lines or varied heights for depth.

Available in a range of shapes, styles and finishes, mini pendants are often used for ambient, task or accent lighting. Use triple pendant lighting to brighten the space above your kitchen island, add attractive ambiance above your bathroom countertops or illuminate your reading nook.

Styles of Pendant Ceiling Lights

Besides choosing a type of hanging light fixture that best suits your preferences, consider a style that will easily integrate into your space. Most pendant ceiling lights fall into the following decor styles:

  • Traditional: Inspired by classic designs, traditional ceiling pendants are often adorned with elegant features and decorative elements. 
  • Transitional: With a classic yet streamlined design, transitional pendant fixtures offer a happy medium between contemporary and traditional styles. 
  • Contemporary: These hanging pendant fixtures have a very simplistic and minimal appearance, often designed with little more than a cord, basic shade and light source. 

You may also find variations with a more rustic or industrial vibe perfect for pairing with vintage bulbs.

Looking for a simple way to instantly upgrade your space? Shop the variety of ceiling pendants in multiple styles at Ace Hardware online or in-store.