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About Swing Set Kits & Accessories

Computers, tablets and smartphones might dominate their indoor time, but for kids, playing outside is still an exciting part of their day. With the right swing sets and playset accessories, you can keep your kids entertained and moving around for hours.

Shop Ace Hardware for swing sets, swing set accessories and playsets for your backyard play area. Use the search bar to refine your results based on price, brand, top-rated products, new arrivals and more.

Add a Playset

Playsets from Ace include a wide variety of equipment to make sure your kids have fun playing outside. From slides to swings to exciting climbing areas, our selection includes a fun item for every child.

Use these tips from Ace to find the right playset for your kids and backyard space: 

  • Look for a playset that suits your child's age group. Small sets with stairs, slides, playhouses and swings are available and cost-effective for younger kiddos. Shop for large playsets designed for multiple kids or a larger age group. Many of these easy-to-install sets offer slides, multiple swings and a playhouse for make-believe fun. 
  • Look for options that match your backyard décor. Many of our large playsets are available in unfinished wood styles for a rustic look, but they can also be painted to match its surrounding area. Opt for backyard swing set for a family with multiple little ones. These sets take up less space than a full playset while still allowing the kids to release their energy and have some fun.

Buy Individual Components

If you already have a playset or want to create your own custom area for your kiddos, consider buying smaller components that can attach to an existing play area. Our assortment of individual components can be used separately or together to add more variety to your child's playtime.

Shop Ace to find these fun options for your backyard: 

  • Look for belted swing options or monster web swings you can hang in your backyard. These are ideal for those who already have a dedicated play area and want to add a simple swing to their setup. To keep your swing secure during rough play, look for heavy-duty swing hangers. 
  • Add an individual slide for simple fun for both younger and older kids. If you don't already have a slide platform or playset, make sure you buy a mount, too. Cover your play area with a canopy. Extra-large canopies let kids play outside longer on hot days without getting too hot or sunburned.

Make sure your kids have everything they need to have more fun in the sun. Stop by your local Ace to find swing sets, playsets and all of the right accessories for your backyard today.