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The right ladder makes a variety of tasks safer and easier to complete, from changing light bulbs to cleaning gutters. Werner is one of the biggest leaders within the ladder industry, and when it's time to climb, consumers and professionals alike turn to Werner ladders. 

Ace Hardware has the best selection of quality Werner ladders, including Werner extension ladders, step ladders and more. Use our helpful Werner ladder buying guide to decide on the best ladder for your specific needs.  

Werner Ladder Buying Guide 

Werner ladders come in multiple styles, sizes, materials and duty ratings. While buying a new Werner ladder might seem like a straightforward process, there are several things to consider in order to make the right decision, such as: 

  • Will you be using the ladder indoors, outdoors or both? 
  • What kinds of jobs will you be using the ladder for?  
  • Will you be working around electricity? 
  • How much weight will be put on the ladder? 

 Werner Height Capacities 

There are numerous Werner ladder sizes and lengths to choose from. When shopping for a new ladder, avoid buying one that's too short or too tall, and make sure you follow all safety guidelines. 

For example, the highest permitted standing level on a Werner step ladder is no higher than two steps down from the top. If you go any higher, you could lose your balance and fall. For a Werner extension ladder, the ladder should be several feet taller than the highest point you'll need to reach. The highest standing level should be four rungs down from the top, too. 

Werner Weight Capacities 

Werner ladders are constructed to safely hold up to a specific amount of weight. Your weight combined with the weight of any tools or materials you're carrying onto the ladder should be less than the duty rating of your Werner ladder. Look for these Werner duty rating capacities to find the right solution for your tasks: 

  • Type III: Light-duty commercial ladders that support up to 200 pounds. 
  • Type II: Medium-duty commercial ladders that support up to 225 pounds. 
  • Type I: Heavy-duty industrial ladders that support up to 250 pounds.  
  • Type IA: Heavy-duty industrial ladders that support up to 300 pounds. 
  • Type IAA: Extra heavy-duty industrial ladders that support up to 375 pounds. 

Werner Ladder Materials 

The final step in picking the right Werner ladder is choosing the proper material. Werner offers both fiberglass and aluminum ladders, and each material provides different benefits suited to specific applications. 

  • Werner Fiberglass Ladders: These top-rated products resist dents, shattering, rust and corrosion. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, Werner fiberglass ladders are a suitable non-conductive choice if you'll be working near electricity. 
  • Werner Aluminum Ladders: These ladders are not intended for use around electricity due to the material's highly conductive nature. Like Werner fiberglass ladders, lightweight and strong Werner aluminum ladders also resist dents, shattering, rust, corrosion and extreme weather temperatures. 

Shop Werner Ladders and Accessories at Ace 

Suitable for consumer and professional use, Werner ladders are tough enough to handle the most demanding tasks and work environments. Browse the inventory of Werner platform ladders, step ladders, extension ladders and more online or at your neighborhood store. Our helpful staff can provide expert tips and advice for choosing the best ladders and extension ladders for your next project.