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About Power Strips

Today's holiday lights, statues and figurines often require serious power to create the festive display you want. With the right power strip, you can safely convert standard single or double outlets into multiple plugs for all of your holiday décor. Shop Ace Hardware to find the right power strip for your seasonal needs, including indoor and outdoor Christmas décor.

Power Strips for Indoor Use

If you have several beautiful decorations to celebrate the season in style, your wall outlets may not provide enough power. Browse Ace's collection of indoor power strips and power extensions to safely power up your Christmas lights, tabletop displays and other holiday décor.

When shopping for your new power strips, use these helpful tips from Ace:

  • Look for power strips that match the finish of your flooring to make them nearly invisible. Power strips in natural wood, cherry, and dark oak easily blend in with your flooring to keep all eyes focused on your decorations.
  • Buy side socket outlets that swivel and pivot to allow you to plug more items into a tight space. Shop for a heavy-duty power strip to plug multiple items into one outlet. Power strips with up to 10 outlets allow you to connect most of the room's décor into one space.

Helpful Hint: Plug in similar décor to one power strip for convenient control of your decorations. For example, connect all your Christmas lights to one power strip to easily turn all these devices on or off with just the flip of a switch.

Power Strips for Outdoor Use

Outdoor decorations require considerable power, especially if you have large displays that work throughout the night. That's why it's important to use power strips and outlets that can safely keep your home looking merry and bright. Shop Ace to find the right outlet strip, multi-plug extension cord or extension outlet to control your lights, statues, inflatable items, figurines and more.

When shopping for the right outdoor power strips, use these helpful tips from Ace:

  • Buy a multi-outlet adapter cord designed specifically for outdoor use. These devices allow you to connect more decorations to a single outdoor-rated extension cord, giving you the power to light up your entire yard with décor and festive lights easily.
  • Look for weather-resistant and water-resistant power strips. These items will safely provide power to your outdoor decorations, even in harsh winter weather.

This year, make decorating your home for the holidays easy. Find power strips, power outlets and extension outlet cords from Ace to safely and quickly power up all your favorite modern holiday decorations. Then, shop our assortment of replacement electrical cords to get vintage seasonal décor working again just in time for the holidays.