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About Adhesives, Glue & Tape

Whether you’re a craftsman, woodworker or DIY enthusiast, having the right glue on-hand can help you finish your project with ease. Find a variety of tapes, glues and adhesives to efficiently complete your next home improvement project at Ace Hardware.

Selecting the Right Adhesive

The most important factor to consider when selecting an adhesive is what materials you plan on bonding together. Since many tapes and glues only work on specific materials, applying the wrong adhesive could be ineffective. Consider the following factors when determining which adhesive will best suit your needs:

  • The temperature of the area
  • The surface area that needs an application
  • Cure time, including altitude and humidity levels

Adhesives for Multiple Materials

At Ace, we carry a wide variety of adhesives to help you bond together an array of materials. 

Use this list to determine which adhesive you need to complete your next task:

  • Bonding Tile to Floors or Walls: Use construction tile adhesive. This waterproof, durable product is available in a variety of options to match your project. When applying tile mastic or adhesive, refrain from applying too much or your tiles will look uneven.
  • Bonding Metal, Glass or Wood: Use polyurethane adhesive. These products are able to set in high moisture conditions and feature quick curing times. 
  • Bonding Wood to Wood: Use carpenter’s glue. This adhesive is strong and durable. It's also resistant to water, mildew and mold, ensuring it gets the job done for years. 

View our top-rated products for more information and detailed instructions on how each adhesive should be used. Browse brands such as Loctite, DAP, and Krazy Glue.